Incredibly itchy lower legs after offered riding all day

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  1. G'day All,

    Strange subject I know.. But I am not the only one that suffers from this.
    Especially when a long days off-road riding... and sweating like hell getting through the tough stuff and helping mates.

    Googled this and found loads of posts on other forums such as ADVrider etc.. But no solutions.

    A couple of easy things.. Don't wash your gear in detergent.. especially if you have sensitive skin.

    The big one for itchy legs.. so itchy at the end of the day you could draw blood.

    Deodorant. Spray this on your lower legs that go in the boot before the ride and you will have no issue at the end of the day.

    Tried powder etc and that doesn't work.. unless you are just doing B trails with no real effort needed = no real sweat.
    The sweat and water in creek crossings washes the powder off too,

    Give it a shot.. Works for me.

  2. Thanks Brian, I'll try that.

    I wear a Forcefield base layer under my jacket, helmet and padded trousers, I do find that helps even though it doesn't stop you sweating.

    Here's a photo of the long johns, which I find also prevents the knee armour from rubbing your skin.


    I bought all all three base layers from Panda Rider in Bangkok:
  3. When you say you spay on deodorant to your lower legs do you mean an antiperspirant to stop the sweating and itching?

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