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    Hi,my name is Kev and will b living in thailand early next year,was looking to buy a TDM.but after contacting a few riders,smaller bikes are more practical,think i will go for a XR250,will b living at chantaburi and like to get out on the many islands off the coast,does anyone know if can get bore kits,for hondas over there.also cams and pipes,i know the 250 can go out to 280,OK u say..why dont i just go and buy a XR400,,,well i will have alot of time on my hands,,and being an engineer. easy for me to do the work,,adds a personal touch to your bike..will the bike shop bore it for me?..just another thing...a few years ago.i drove a car from chantaburi to Sa Kaew, about 200ks..saw a number of snakes on the road..are these a problem when riding a bike..thanks...kevthekiwi[:)]

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  3. monsterman

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    only big snakes are a problem if they are pythons or king cobra. small snakes can be run over if u cannot avoid. large one might be like hitting a log.

  4. Tom Forde

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    Hi Kev,
    Most snakes will feel you coming through vibrations, the only time I got into trouble with a snake was way back when I used to ride enduros in Aust. I came around a large boulder with my right leg out to balance when a king brown latched on to my motorcross boot, bit straight into it. The snake was about 6ft long, as the rest of the body was flug backward into my wheel and chain, what was left was about 3ft of shreaded snake with the head intact firmly attached to my boot.
    Snakes don't like to be starteld, they will just lash out as a defensive reaction.
    If you see them, they probably know you are there too.Just don't try to run over them, you might end up with unwelcome passenger on your bike.
    p.s King Browns are just as venemous as a Cobra.


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  5. BignTall

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    Run over a few small snakes in my time but its the local traffic that is more dangerous.

    The XR's here are different from the stateside models. The ones here are from Japan and have electric start. Tehy can bored out to 300cc before case work is needed. You can also get them stroked apparently but I've not ridden one thats been stroked yet. My mechanic has a 410 he built for a customer and so far its holding together. Yes you can get bore jobs on iron cylinders everywhere. Nikasil lining i have not found.

    Apparently the yamaha TTR's cylinder has more meat in it for increasing the bore size than the XR.

    Good luck.

    Cheers all.
    "Formerly known as the twat, racer55"
  6. flyingkiwi

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    thanks for the info..guys.......cant wait to get there. i guess by now.u realise i come from new snakes.....but lots of bikes..............keevthekiwi

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    kev , The other day in chiangmai , I watched an enduro and was surprised at the number of XR 250's being ridden . Most of them seemed to be pre 2000 models and were going well .They all seemed to have aftermarket silencers at least and I think most of these are made locally .I don't know if any had big bore kits although I did talk to a Thai guy once who had changed the piston but not the bore in order to raise the compression a little .But I think you are right to go for an XR250 as there are loads of them here so spares shouldn't be a problem.
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    thanks for the info jon.have done a bit of checking,,apparentlly the piston from 96 on in the XRs are all the same,,i can bring one from here....comes with larger carby jets,,i noticed u said that a lot of thai guys were riding in the did they go? the only sport i have done with thais is with the chickys,,,,,,chesterfeild rugby

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