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  1. I think this message is for David as advised on

    Bike insurance - can i get extra insurance? Not the 600b one but better - StillGeordie said that you knew.


    Mr Squirrel

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  2. Mr / Mrs Squirrel
    Bike insurance may be possible, but it would be a help if you provided some more details. You know something like bike model, capacity, year?
    Or are we just talking about a Honda Dream?

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  3. R.E. additional insurance for your bike. Yes it is availible. I have and African Twin and have higher liability coverage on it. It also has the stay out of jail bond as well. I have it insured thru a broker in Pattaya. But the bike is ridden mostly in Chiang Mai. If yoe need more info let me know. John
  4. Not sure if you are looking for added insurance on a rental or your own bike.

    If your own, Viriyah Insurance offers an extra coverage policy for an additional 1600 baht per year.

    It increases the medical coverage and covers damage you do to other property. It does not cover theft or damage to your bike.


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  5. Cheers

    Have you got any contact details?

    David - I was actually looking for my 2000 Honda Varadero but if I can get it for my Tiger Ozone as well then it might be worth while to cover both.

    I would presume that there is no theft coverage in Thailand.

    Cheers for the info

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