May 9, 2003
Hi guys

I'm a swedish guy who just came back home from a 6-months trip to Australia and S-E-A. I didn't have that much experience riding motorcycles before I came to Thailand but during the 2,5 months I stayed there I drove almost 5000 km (All on-road) on rented bikes and I enjoyed it so much that I promised my self to be back again around Nov-Dec.

I'm leaving for Norway next week and then I will go south thru Europe. Call me naive but my plans was to ship my bike from Istanbul to Bangkok, but when I phoned the insurance-company neither of them would insure my bike outside Europe.. and now I feel a bit embarresed that I didn't understand better but now it's to late as I bought a bike yesterday [:)]

I red on this site that you could get accident/travel-insurance from "Bupa Blue Cross Insurance" but I'm more intressed if you can get a theft-insurance for the bike while staying in Thailand...

Therefore I wonder if you know any Thai- or worldwide company that offer this insurance for my swedish registred bike?




Feb 25, 2003
Previously before going over the Chiang Mai, I checked in to Motor sai insurance and laws for the rental I'd be using for a couple of weeks.

From what I found out from all my searches, I was warned by a local in Thai, that there is no motorcycle insurance in Thailand, and if anything happens, I would be paying for all damages upfront on the spot. I was so delighted I only broke the brake lever in half. [;)]

My own for a motorcycle insurance company (Progressive) in the USA doesn't cover me on rentals I use or if I took my own bike out the USA, even to Canada.

Ask you insurance carrier if you buy a better policy for your needs. Otherwise, you are at your own risk. Believe me, I really covered all bases before leaving, though I made have missed a link.....Jade


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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
Good to know that you heading this way for some bike touring.
Whatever you do DON'T ship your bike to Bangkok and expect to get it cleared.
I highly recommend you take a look at
to get the run down on bringing your own bike into Thailand.
The import thing is to note rule # 1 = DON'T ship your bike to Klong Toey, Bangkok.
Re comprehensive insurance -that includes theft - I don't believe there is any that you can / will get in Thailand. However, theft of big motorbikes is not a real problem in Thailand, such that it would deter you from coming here with your own bike. Scores of riders do every year, & probably a high proportion of them don’t have their bikes insured against theft.
Another place to look for info is Horizons Unlimited at
in particular ... /
I hope this is a help. Please keep us informed of how you go & don’t forget to look me up when you are in Chiang Mai.

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