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  1. What is the availability and quality of the internet in the region outside of Chiang Mai. My business requires me to check e-mail at least daily (although this could extend to two days) and also do some remote work on our own internal server for file transfers.

    I take my own small portable laptop with me so either a wired or wireless connection is really all I need.

    Just as a rough guide, it I were to take say five days to do a loop of some sort, would it be simple enough to include locations for internet on the loop? Do the guest houses etc usually have internet connection for guests outside of the city? I understand that it will depend very much on where I go, but am trying to get some sort of general picture.

    Last visit to Chiang Mai I did my work early morning from a neat little cafe but did not really travel far from the City itself.

  2. I don't know Chiang Mai, but if the city is moving the way the islands are, there should be internet access at about 70% of the guest houses. You might still pay an arm and a leg, but it's there.

    Or if you want wifi for free (well, the cost of a coffee), check out Coffee World. Most of their locations have "free" wifi, but I can only find one location in Chiang Mai:

    Central Airport Chiangmai
    2 Central Airport Chiangmai Plaza 2 nd Floor Zone B , Mahidol Rd. , Hayya , Mueang , Chiangmai 50200

    In Bangkok they're everywhere, the free wifi is why I don't go to Starbucks anymore.
  3. Tony-

    You are not really going out into some 3rd world wilderness. The north of Thailand is a tourist center and caters to it as such. I can safely say that anywhere on the map that appears at least larger than a pin prick will have internet cafes and guesthouses with internet connections. It is not like the islands and internet connections are not expensive. :D
  4. Thank you gentlemen, your comments and local knowledge is very much appreciated. On the basis of what you say I can almost manage by leaving the laptop in CNX and taking a small External HD.


  5. NP! I'm amazed at how things have changed in even just the 2 years that I've lived here. With wifi being pretty much everywhere in BKK I never use my laptop anymore, I've got wifi on my phone so I just use it.
    Now if they could make a phone/HPC with a host USB port, the phone and small ext. hd would be all I ever need!
  6. Not too sure which applications you need to use but how about the Apple Iphone
  7. Does the Iphone have a host USB port? I'd be surprised at that since Apple has tried very hard to make it difficult to transfer files (no bluetooth, no IR, proprietary file transfer system) from phone to phone.

    I have an Asus 526, and it has a client USB port, so I can use it to connect to the computer for file transfers, but not much else. A host USB would allow me to use it to run other devices that need more management like an external hd, scanner, and printer. I'm trying to find a bluetooth route for this too, I think it works well for data transfer.

    Is the Iphone using a UNIX variant for an OS like the Apple desktops do? If so, I'd rather that than what Microsoft calls a mobile OS. Call me an old geek but I still feel more comfortable with UNIX.
  8. Sorry, no it doesn't have host USB. I missed the relevance in your previous post.

    Sure, you are an old geek ;)
  9. Thank you! :wink:

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