Iridium spark plugs....who sells them??

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  1. I spent half of yesterday morning scouring Pattaya bike and auto shops for an NGK, or the Denso equivalent, of an Iridium spark plug for my BMW bike. It was a futile search, my queries were met with blank stares or attempts to sell me something else.

    Does anyone know if there any shops in BKK or CM which sells (preferably by mailorder), or will obtain the Iridium plug I want??

    I'm looking for an NGK DR8EIX or Denso IX24 for my 2001 BMW F650GS.
    Hopefully, someone can provide the name and link to a shop than can fulfill my need.

    Thanks for any assistance.
  2. I used to get them in BKK. But south patty road just after turning down from Sukhumvit there is a small car supply shop left hand in the very first building. Try. They have Chinese friendliness but I got quite some parts there already. Show them an the example.
  3. Try the sports car shops, I know the Lexus Iridium plug fits my XR650Rs perfectly. Can buy in Korat, but the price varies 400-750Baht a piece.
  4. will probably ship if you buy a number.. :)
  5. Having written this I realize you only need one. It is worth a try but..

    Near the Naklua traffic light, on a corner (RHS if driving out of town) at the end of the row off wooden buildings is a small but busy car parts shop with Isuzu, et al signs on the front.
    They have almost everything. Happy to order if they don't.

    OR somewhere like
  6. Chaiyo...success! After visiting every big bike shop and all car dealers in Pattaya, the only place I was able to find one...and they only had one, was at Barcelona BMW, in BKK
    Surprisingly, their price (230-Bt), was much less that those I found on E-Bay! They are mailing it to me (100-Bt).

    I wanted the plug, not because they are said to last much longer (3-yrs) and provide better spark, but various users in BMW forums indicated that
    the Iridium plug often reduces or eliminate any surging...and my bike has some moderate low speed surging. Worth a I needed a new plug anyway.

    And a big thanks to those tried to help:
    *speedybuffalo - the car shop you suggested...'no hab'
    *harrythefinn - all car dealers have their own brand and numbered (re-packaged) plugs and none were able or willing to look at plug interchange book!
    *costaguapo - neither pandarider, Dr. Bike and a few others had the plug
    *mikerust - found the shop you suggested, but 'no hab'

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