It' Wet in Laos... Vientienne to Savan

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  1. Just been over again and if anyone is planning the same, bring your wets because it is wet. The rainmaking rockets have worked and the monsoon is on.

    Day1. Crossed over from Nong Khai without a hitch on my Aus registered bike, went through immigration and surrendered my about to expire temporary import to customs and over the Friendship bridge to Laos. Once again everyone is helpful, remember if you do not have the $30 the entry will cost 1300 baht. Over to Vientienne and a giant bagette Laos style for a late lunch. Booked into the Lani Guesthouse at $25USD. Down to the busy esplanade for a Beerlao and watch the world go by, a good life. The esplanade comes to life late afternoon with the Laos crowd enjoying the Mekong River walk. Dinner at La Provincial was a great pizza but things in Vientienne are quiet so had the place mostly to myself. Finished off back on the esplanade with some live music and lively bars.

    Day 2. Someone has to show me how to get out of Vientienne heading south as it is a confusing problem. Laos roads are not good so the main highway 13 is not really different from the others. I asked around and nobody seems to know, maybe no one ever leaves. Once again took the southern dirt track along the Mekong and soon my bad mood changed and was enjoying this potholed run. Mid afternoon had me in Thabor where i once again ran into Canadian Brian from Bangkok who rides his cycle everywhere, does 60-100 kms a day. He was having a beer at a roadside shop on this tiny through town on highway 13 decided to stay and join him. Many beers were consumed and stayed at the guesthouse that was good value at 80,000 kip.

    Day 3. Highway 13 is just a 2 lane road that carries most everything. Cows grazing, goat herds walking, the dreaded dogs trying to commit suicide, basic farm vehicles and the monsoon rain make for an interesting ride that you soon master and love. Stopped at Paksan for a unique omlette type meal that was incredibly delicious. Off then to Thahek where the rain belted down so stayed at a riverside hotel for 2 days while it rained out.

    Day 4. Thahek while it rained.

    Day 5. Break in the weather so off to Savvanaketh. The rain had the small creeks overflowing into the Mekong so the locals were out with their unique fishing nets to trap the fish. Down to Xeno, stopping a couple of times to escape the rain and always stop at the market/bus station where everyone is always welcoming. A bagette stall lunch and talk with the interested locals, don't think a lot of them see a big bike that often. Off to Savan and stayed at the Lotus Hotel, value at 400 baht.

    Day 6. Had enough of the rain so decided to head back to Thailand where if it is going to rain at least the worst Thai road is better than the best Laos road.

    I had a great time and just love travelling Laos!!!

    Attached files 280559=11408-032. 280559=11409-038. 280559=11403-Paksan%20Lunch. 280559=11402-Thabor%20Guesthouse. 280559=11406-Thahek%20Fishing. 280559=11405-Thahek%20Monks. 280559=11404-Thahek%20wet. 280559=11400-Vientienne%20Cultural. 280559=11401-Vientienne%20Esplanade. 280559=11407-Xeno%20Market.
  2. Gday Gary.

    Your right about getting out of Vientiane mate, it’s crazy. Where did you cross back into Thailand?

    Pity it rained so much in Thahek, it’s a nice little town, and a good spot for sunset beers by the Mekong.

    Thanks for the photos, report, and weather update. Think Ill be getting wet over the next few days.

  3. Gary
    How to get out of Vientiane & head south?
    Just take the main road past Pratu Xay - the dual lane 4-carriageway heading North - & then it swings round 14 kms at Don Noun & goes south .
    BTW it's all on the GT Rider Laos guide map. Take a look at the Vientiane city map first & then look at the country map.

    Thanks too for popping back on GT Rider & contributing. It's good to share the info & tips around.
  4. I followed the GT city map and found Don Noun and still managed to return to the friendship bridge so gave up and just followed the Mehong. Will be back in CM shortly and hope to catchup at the Euro before i head back to OZ for a short time. BTW on my Thai return from Lao i rode the 121 Mukdahan to Nong Khai, to complete the loop and it was a great ride

  5. Hi Rex, was good to catchup on the phone. Xeno is special, Thahek is a great place and Nong Khai.... well. Came back over the bridge to Mukdahan and really enjoyed the 121 run to Nong Khai. See you again soon.



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