Jomtien-bkk-amphawa November 2016

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  1. P_20161113_101525. P_20161113_101640. P_20161113_153314. P_20161113_153348. P_20161113_163058. P_20161113_163235. P_20161113_163929. P_20161113_165619. Suhkimvitt 3-3109(erawan elephant on right where to exit)-3109-phuchoo saming
    phray-phra pradeang ferry-3104-303-chom thong rd-3242-highway 35-3092 into

    Amphawa floating market excellent. I suggest taking one of the boats at the
    market first. 50baht 50 minute excursion. Gives you a real layout of the
    area. Wish i had done that first.

    Ferry was 10 baht. 2 person n bike. Maybe because it was sunday. Bkk traffic
    was ok.

    Avoid daemon sudeak floating market. Total dissappointment. Rip off prices
    and loads of buses.

    You can only hope amphawa keeps the buses away n chinese tours.

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