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    hi guys, has any one got any feed back etc on the kawasiki d trackers?, have just ordered 1 from bkk, should have it in time for the horizons unlimited meeting. best tyres/mods etc would be great to hear of any one who has owned 1, as far as i can make out they are made in thailand for kawasaki then shipped out!!.thanks in advance. marcus
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  3. Hi Mate, finally bought a bike eh! have just been perusing the web, as I've never heard or seen that model. Most sites state what you said, made in Thai, shipped worldwide. There is also a Suzuki that looks remarkably identical! Found pic's but not sure of the model name/number. Catch you all in 31 very short days! http://jarle.eltelevest.no/Kawasaki/Ima ... 50dt04.jpg
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    The D-tracker is a 250cc overhead cam, watercooled enduro bike set-up super motard from the factory with 17 inch rims/tires. They look a nice bit more modern than their Honda XR counterparts.

    Marcus best mods for that Kwacker are:

    Step 1: Replace the silencer with an aftermarket model as the stock one (muffler)has a catalytic converter blocking it up. Remove the airbox snorkle under the seat to get it to inhale better. Replace the airfilter with a freer flowing K&N or high quality foam filter. Then rejet the carb to accomodate these changes. These changes allow the motor to breath a lot better. For some reason kawasaki really plugged up this model. The D-tracker is a real pig from the factory without these mods.

    These are easy mods and from there it gets a little more involved.
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    thanks guys for the info, keep it comeing, its a s/h 2000 model with plate. have no idear how much they are new. cheers m
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    If I remember correctly the 300 was kickstart, whereas the 250 has electric start, unless I am mistaken. Goodnews is you can bung on the 300cc cylinder and piston as its a straight swap. Bolts on no problem. The cylinder head ,valves, cams etc are the same for both bikes.

    Step two would be a flatslide carb. 33mm for low end grunt and 36mm for some topend. The stock CVK gets great gas mileage but is as slow responding as a hungover bar girl. These will cost you about 7000 baht in Thailand used. They needed to modded a bit to bolt on inside the frame. Then bung on the 300cc cylinder. In the states you can bore the 300 cylinder out and re-Nikasiled to 331. This would result in a nice torquey electric start bike for fairly cheap.

    When dialing in the carbs sometimes jets are not easy to find for your carbs in Thailand. Nice to have a friend bring a supply over for you. Dynojet makes a kit for the stock CVK carb as an easier option.

    I only know of two companies that make cams for the bike. Yoshimura in Japan, expensive at about $700 or WebCam in California that regrinds your stock cams for $275.

    Do the stage 1 mods I mentioned. The bike is more of a wheezer from the factory than any other bike I've ridden. Plugged up worse than a katoey in an orgy. It really benefits to have the airbox and exhaust free'd up to do their job.

    Good luck.
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    The D-Tracker is not made in Thailand but in Japan where it is still a big hit in the streets.
    Many shops offer special parts and many bikes are customized.
    You just have to go shopping in one of the bigger towns because they don't take internet orders from abroad (no one seems to speak/read English).
    Or you have a japanese friend who helps you.
    The same is sadly true for the D-Tracker clubs of which there are quite many in Japan.
    I can only recommend this bike for Thailand (Bangkok): it's very reliable, easy to maintain and quick in traffic because it's as slim as a Honda Wave and the high seating position gives to an excellent view ahead.

    By the way: mine is still available (see my ad from 28th November).
    Just leave a note and I will get back to you ...

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