Kawasaki Enduro Racing At Siamenduro Red Bull Park

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  1. Rode over to the Red Bull Enduro park to check out the races there on Sunday and in typical friendly Thai naam jai style they threw me the keys to a KLX250 and let me ride a lap on the 2.8 km course.
    What fun!
    I REALLY gotta get a dirtbike!
    Let the Good Times Roll!
  2. A few more pics-
    • post-56035-132964780056_thumb.jpg
    • post-56035-132964782363_thumb.jpg
    • post-56035-132964785531_thumb.jpg
    • post-56035-132964795918_thumb.jpg
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  3. Tons of great pics on the ThaiRidersClub forum-




    Let the Good Times ROLL!

    Tony smile.png
  4. Great pics!
    What kind of bikes are there used? The one in the mud seems to be an KSR but with clutch?
    The KLX is to high for my short legs, but I am considering a KLX140 or KLX125. Or maybe even a cheap Chinese bike.

    Chang Noi
  5. They had races for KSR110, D-Tracker and KLX 125, KX140, and KLX 250 / D-Tracker 250.

    I was at Kawasaki yesterday asking around to see if anyone knew of any second hand KLX 250's for sale, but seems they're a bit rare.

    I'm also quite curious to see how the Honda CRF250L will compare with the KLX250, but of course if I go with the Honda I won't be able to participate in all the fun events that Kawasaki puts on...

    No idea if Honda organizes so many great events the way Kawasaki does. I rather get the impression that AP Honda can't be bothered...
  6. A couple videos from the riding course-

    Woohoo! Let the Good Times ROLL!

    Tony :)

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