Kawasaki Ninja 250R SE vs Honda CBR 250R Mugen ABS

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  1. Hi, I went to shops in Pattaya, want get bike in near future, I am not in to bikes, so please advice me on specs and what would you choose.

    I got choice between cbr250r and ninja 250

    CBR250 they got special edytinon Mugen and Moriwaki, I like Mugen looks, its bit more expensive then Moriwaki, both I thik are with ABS, got tune exusts on them.

    Mugen on finance they ask 165,000THB
    Moriwaki 150, 000THB

    Thing is Ninja 250R stock, costs same as CBR Mugen, from what i read that Ninja bit CBR, cuz 2 cylinders and more power...

    I am not sure need double check, but That Ninja i saw in pattaya salon could be SE, which would be nice but not sure, anyone knows how much is Ninja 250R SE?

    and do they sell Ninja 300 in Thailand?

    What to choose please as confused.

    I dont want to go just for looks, as mugen and moriwaki looks nice

    but i want better pice of technology, and bit more power for that small bike.

    I guess mugen is just paint and exust on stock cbr.. so same power as stock or may b 1hp more??

    Thank you




  2. Well I'll start the ball rolling.


    Without getting too technical. Maybe simply put? CBR is a big small bike, whereas Ninja is a small big bike.

    Hope that answers your dilemma?
  3. Ninja 300 is coming.

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