Kawasaki Versys 2015 800cc - Speculations

Discussion in 'Kawasaki Big Bikes Thailand' started by Mactao, Nov 7, 2013.

  1. Hello guys,

    Some versys forums are starting to speculate on the fact that Kawasaki could release a Versys 800cc in 2015 using the engine of the Z800. When you think about it, why not, since they are already using the same 650cc engine base for the Versys and the ER6.

    I came across this beautiful concept design for the Versys 800 from Miguel Belascuain.


    Kawa if you are listening, me likey this idea a lot :p
  2. Looks good, let's hope.
  3. Would be cool the z800 engine looks huge though, I am afraid that would increase weight. It would probably also increase price way past 400k as the z800 is 375 w/o abs. So overall I dont think it would make sense. An 800 twin on the other hand...
  4. Z800 engine would add unnecessary weight , but another 100cc extra cubes in the ER 6 endine would not be a bad idea , more torque
  5. I think You would have more Chance of Winning the Lottery? It would be everything that everyone commented about, Over Weight, Underpowered and Over Priced! Plus with the Current Competition forever increasing it would be Uncompetitive! I think even the Existing Versys 650 and 1000 are already living on very Borrowed Time and unless they get a Major Revamp to catch up with the Competition they will be in real trouble in the near future!
  6. I haven't seen any Versys 1000 here in Thailand but lots of 650's of course. Every Versys 650 owner I've spoken to is absolutely delighted with their bike, especially given the value for money price. I think the 650 will continue to have a long life as there is just nothing else (at the same price point and for the same purpose - touring) available.
  7. The 1000 isn't Sold here but it is in Malaysia so see the odd one over here sometimes on tour. They are Big, Heavy and low Spec compared to the competition. Over the next few months there are a Host of Bikes being released from Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki which are all in the Same range and direct competition to the Kawasaki 650 Range! It is a very interesting time for the Big Bike Market here in Thailand!
  8. ^ I'd respectfully disagree on your assessment of the Versys 1000. It's about as off-road worthy as a Multistrada (which is to say it isn't really meant to leave the pavement!) but as a large displacement touring bike it's hard to beat. The V1000 has all the tech goodies- it enjoys Kawasaki's excellent KTRC traction control, multiple power modes, fully adjustable long travel suspension and the same ultra-compact lightweight BOSCH ABS unit used in the Ninja ZX-10R – the world’s smallest and lightest ABS unit ever. The V1000 has received rave reviews and I hope that Kawasaki, Thailand will sell it here since they already offer the Ninja 1000SX and Z1000 which share the same fantastic engine. With it's aluminum frame the big V1000 weighs 239Kg wet (but it carries a whopping 21 liters of fuel). Certainly no light weight, but not too bad when you consider that the Multistrada weighs about 220kg and the steel framed Versys 650 weighs 205...

  9. I doubt very much if Kawasaki will sell the Versys 1000 here. The Ninja 1000 is already being sold as a sport tourer so I can't see that there would be a market for the Versys 1000 since the Versys 650 already sells very well.
  10. I stand Corrected Tony! It is Certainly smaller than the Army Tank Size Triumph Explorer!!! All the Bikes in that Segment are too Big for My liking specially when You see the Size of the New Hyperstrada!!!
  11. Those front indicators look like they are begging to be knocked off though!
  12. Well they are a Vaste Improvement over the Old Models and that Hideous Headlight!!!
  13. Yes the front looks more normal although have got used to the stacked headlights - don't see them when riding. Some weeks ago I ordered some standard handlebar clamp bolts (my secondhand Versys came with the 20mm riser and want to switch it back to std) from Rama 9 Kwak taking ages for them to come. When told of the delay couple of weeks back thought that while it is an uncommon spares item they are assembled here - are they switching over production to a new model - the photo does show a different handle bar mounting (looks less expensive) so was poss correct. Note that the Dutch mag says it will still be 650 not 800. My view was that an 800 could take on Triumph it would infringe on the Versys 1000 unless this went up to 1200 to take on BMW, Ducati and Triumph but it sticks at 1000cc. Not an expert on these Kwak parallel twins but is the other report right the chassis has been updated? From Dutch photos looks like possibly a gear indicator and power socket. These baubles aside big question is where will it be priced - could hit the already somewhat depressed secondhand Versys market if at similar price to outgoing model - all us existing owners should vote for big price increase - unless it is a much better bike and we want to upgrade that is!
    By the way totally agree with Ian all the bikes in this category are much too big - they are also too heavy.
  14. Kawa CM are taking orders for the Versys 1000cc according to a Thai friend, as long as it isn't too different to the V-Strom 1000 price it could be a winner.
  15. Not having ridden either Versys 1000 or V Strom bit difficult to comment except to say with the Versys normal Japanese straight four screemer and the V Strom big cc V twin expect they would be quite different rides?
  16. Hi.
    kawasaki versys 1000.
    Made in Thailand, or made in japan?
  17. Made in Japan and price just released, a very reasonable 619k baht.

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