Kawasaki Versys Chain problem

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  1. At 31k I am almost sure my second DID chain is ****ed!
    That means an average of 15k per chain & sprockets!

    Who else thinks this is not normal?
    I still have my first chain and it is not worn out, just ****ed.

    Are the DID made in Thailand chains just shit?
    Or is there an design / construction fault at the Versys?
    Or does my riding destroys the chain?

    Chang Noi
  2. Yes most of the DID chains are made in Thailand and they are cheap and no good.
    Yesterday I was in Kawasaki Chiangmai and they had a RK-O Ring chain which is a good chain.
    Don't know if you are in the area but if you are may be you could check it out.
    Last time I was in Australia I ordered an RK - X Ring chain and JT Sprockets which are quality they cost twice the price of the Thai ones made here but for 3500 baht fitted you cannot complain about the price here only the quality.
    You may have to out source Thailand for quality sprockets but you can find EK Japanese chains here which are good but its no good putting a chain on sub standard sprockets as the chain will be not to bad but your sprockets will still wear out at the same rate and even though the chain may seem OK you will have to replace it.
  3. OK try to make an replay again (got logged out)

    I made a new posting about chains because I would like to make an listing of all chain experiences of Kawasaki Versys riders. So many different riders, different bikes and same problem? Would the fault really be at "DID made in Thailand" chain? Then Kawasaki should not be selling it! And yesterday I was called by Grubmann who just replaced his chain after about 4.500km!

    My first chain was not worn-out or stretched, you could say it was damaged. And I think my second chain will be exactly the same.

    First chain (DID 520 VP2 made in Thailand, OEM standard on the bike) was replaced at 22.780km (not good bit still acceptable)
    The second chain (DID 520 VP2 made in Thailand, OEM from Kawasaki dealer) will have to be replaced at 31.350km (that is less as 10k)

    Actually weird because looking on any DID web-site I do not see an VP2 .... only sold in Thailand?
    So IF the "DID made in Thailand" chain is at fault then where can you buy an good chain? And what should be an good chain?

    Chang Noi
  4. I've been complaining about the crap quality of Thai-made DID chains since 2008, and by recent accounts it sounds like perhaps the quality has gotten even worse recently?

    Plenty of recent posts about good quality chains. Just look for a genuine Made in Japan DID, EK or RK brand chain from a reputable dealer. Beware of fakes.

    I'll complain again to Kawasaki about the crap quality of the chains they are using on their 650cc bikes. They really need to address this problem.
  5. Hahaha good idea Tony .... but how do you see a chain is fake? I assume they will also put the stamps in it.
    And what is a reputable dealer? AP Shop? DirtShop? Red Baron?

    Chang Noi
  6. Today I had a typical day of stupidity at the Kawasaki Dealer in Khon Kaen.

    Yesterday I had made an complain about their shitty chains they sell and today I came with the bike to have them see what is wrong with the chain.

    Well of course they did not hear any weird scrapping noise and they did not feel any weird feeling when riding.
    But if I did had an problem they blamed the dirt chain and the fact that the chain would be too loose. Both things that I deny, but that is another thing.

    So they cleaned the chain and adjusted the chain (tighter) and guess what they still not hear or feel anything.
    But riding home, within 5km from the shop the noise & feeling came back ... and because the chain is now tighter the noise is even worse.

    So I think I will buy/order new front-sprocket, new chain and tools to change the chain and put it on myself (as there is in Khon Kaen no other motorbike shop as far as I know)

    Chang Noi
  7. Chiang Noi,

    How about sending a letter of complaint (email) to Kawasaki Japan.
    Referencing the relevant links on this forum to back up the complaint..

    When I purchased my KLX I asked for the manual in English.. The same as I was given for the Ninja..
    Cannot.. ask again, no cannot.. Here is some huge PDF file.. No I want the manual in English, something I can take on the road with me..
    No have.. and around in circles we went.

    So I emailed Kawasaki Japan and explained everything as I thought this is crazy.

    Received a nice reply and that someone would contact me shortly from Kawasaki Thailand..

    After a week.. no contact... I emailed Kawasaki Japan again...
    The next day I had a very nervous sounding person call my mobile number advising me that the Manual for the KLX is ready to be picked up.

    There are subtle differences in the manual as it is not for Thailand..
    Kawasaki Rama 9 had to correct a few pages that needed it for the variation in the Thailand model.

    My point is..

    Everyone is complaining, there is a real problem and Kawasaki Thailand don't seem to be listening..

    Time to escalate it to Kawasaki Japan..

    Lets leave the emotion out of it and try and stick to the facts of mileage, experiences and where purchased and reference links to this forum..

    Can't hurt, may be the issue will get taken seriously..

  8. I've expressed my disappointment in a lighthearted way, not confrontational, to Kawasaki Chiang Mai as well; but am not optimistic.
    They have to admit they are wrong, selling that absolute crap Thai-made DID chain; & then act.
  9. Brian I totally agree with you .... but I can not find an email address of Kawasaki Japan.
    I have been on the phone with Kawasaki in BKK and was promised to be called back ... what never happened.

    Today I showed the old (first) chain to the people at Kawa KK and suddenly they were shocked to see that this one was not worn-out but had frozen links.

    And David they know they are selling crap, because in the USA they sell other chains .... you can see that in the service manual.
    Actually it looks like these chains are not sold outside SEA or maybe even Thailand.

    I sourced a Protaper 520 XRC 120L chain for 4800thb. I also found out that some RK-chains are made in Malaysia and not sold in the USA (as being old models).

    As far as I know TonyBKK, Davidfl, Grubman and myself have the same experience with the DID chains. I am sure there are much more people.

    Chang Noi
  10. I can't find the reply address.. Only the follow up I had with Kawasaki Rama 9.

    There was no real email address to direct this too.. I just picked one of the random enquiry forms and used that.

    The subject.. Complaint..

    That seemed to find the way to the appropriate people..

    This is Japan after all :)

    May need Google Translator!

  11. Thanks guys .... but for inquiry via your VIN .... the Thai VIN is weird that it is not accepted at Kawa Europa or Japan.
    And on the other side I can not find email address or contact-form (to prevent spam it is indeed not smart to put your email on an web-site).
    So anyone has other idea's?

    Well I might be in BKK tomorrow and will visit Rama9.

    Chang Noi
  12. Rama 9 will be useless.. You wont get to speak to any decision maker..
    Just the usual.. Yes, yes.. hmmmm.. In one ear and out the next as soon as you walk out the door/.

    Kawa wont SPAM you..

    If you are worried about SPAM.. Create a Gmail address just for this purpose and forget about it after..

  13. hahaha no Brian I am not afraid for spam of Kawa .... but Kawa does not want to bothered by 1000000's of emails so they do not put any email-adres on their web-sit or an contact-form.
    Same like yesterday Kawasaki Bangkok promised me to call me back today!

    They really do not give a hoot about the people that pay their salary!

    Chang Noi
  14. I guess with these low priced locally made bikes there`ll be some kind of cost cutting that irks people.

    A chain that only last 15k instead of 25k (or whatever) creeps up on you much more slowly than a blown clutch,low quality battery going flat or a multitude of other bike stopping on the spot problems.

    It could be a lot worse IMO.
  15. Yes its a good idea to complain to Japan well done Brian.
    Kawasaki here don't need to listen and I will tell you why.
    Those chains and sprockets are the same in Australia and as far as I know all over the world on all new Kawasaki made here and shipped to other country's from Thailand but because climate is not so hot in other country's they last a little longer.
    I complained at my local dealer in Australia and they are as much help as Thailand are so Japan is the right option.
    The good thing about Australia -USA-and Europe you have a good choice of after market chains and sprockets unfortunately here you don't have a choice
  16. I still say.. Complete the form on the Kawasaki website.. Just making noise in the forum isn't going to achieve anything.

    It worked for the KLX manual in English.. At least with the Japanese you have a better chance of getting a response.

    Spend 10 mins doing that or another 10 hours endless posting about the same thing here
  17. Well as English is not read so much in Thailand ... of course Kawasaki does not care so much about what we say.
    So I posted complains to their Facebook Page in Thai. First in private message, but as I did not get any reaction just on their page.
    And wonder ..... within 1hr I am called ..... if I would like to have an meeting with the Kawasaki dealer to come to an solution of the problem.
    Of course we can come to an solution of my problem, but Kawasaki will still be producing Versys's with cheap DID chains.

    Well if you not hear from me anymore next week then another solution has been found hahaha.

    In the meanwhile I sourced an Protaper 520 XRC chain that I will install on the bike.

    Chang Noi
  18. What I used on the Versys today.

    cost 3,600 baht.

    Ordered before Christmas. I was after X-Ring chain but was told I;d have to wait until the end of January; so I took what I could get.
    The 2,000 baht EK chain I put on as an emergency chain in Phrae a few weeks ago, actually looks quite good still.
  19. Two thumbs up`s for the EK Made in Japan chains...so far.
  20. Hi! I met these two japanese guys from Kawasaki Thailand at Real MS. Seemed very friendly to me and willingly offered their visiting cards with their contact numbers and email addresses. I am not sure if it is ok to post their names or email addresses, so PM me and I'll email them to you. The first guy (speaks english) is Assistant to Executive Vice Pesident, Senior Manager. Marketing and Sales Manager. And the second guy is Senior Manager, Product Design Department, R&D Division. Hope this helps.
  21. You wrote you changed the chain, is that the chain only, not the sprockets?
  22. @KZ25 ... yes of course I replaced both sprockets ... although now I am not 100% sure what to do. Front sprocket sure, but rear sprocket with only 9000km?

    I thought to sourced a great Protaper chain but it came only with clip-link so I bought an EK 520 SE05 (Gold) for 2600thb (with original EK rivet-link).

    Chang Noi
  23. Less than 10K km on a chain and sprocket set is a joke!

    Hope the EK is going to last longer. Get a new sprocket to be on the safe side; the used one may chew up the chain again.

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