Kawasaki Versys Offroad Clinic

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  1. TonyBKK

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    Kawasaki yesterday put on a fantastic off road clinic for Versys owners-

    Over 30 Versys showed up-

    Some great instructors from the Siam Enduro Club and Khun Bai from Dirtshop-

    While the Versys is a big heavy bike, I was impressed to see that with proper skills and technique it can tackle some pretty rough terrain-

    Practicing the proper way to pick up such a bike is always a good idea, especially when it's not your bike lying on its side :wink:

    Lift with your legs!

    Over the course of the day there were a few Versys that had to be picked up :wink:
    There was also one brave Ninja 650R in the mix:

    As a complete off road noob I still need a LOT of practice, but by the end of the course I felt a lot more confident about taking my Versys on terrain that I previously would have avoided.



    Let the Good Times ROLL!


    Free instruction, free lunch and free beverages all day- Thanks Kawasaki!!! KawasakiSmiley2.jpg
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  3. TonyBKK

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    A few more pics-
    Would you believe this is in Minburi, Bangkok?! And even better, it's on vacant land so anyone is welcome to ride here!

    Woohoo! Getting the big girl airborne!

    Another Versys down... NOT ME! biggrin.gif

    Raise your hand if you're having fun!

    Thanks again Kawasaki, Siam Enduro Club, Dirtshop and Club Versys Thailand!
  4. bartomeer

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    Nice!! Thanks for sharing
  5. TonyBKK

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    Cheers Bart!

    It was great fun and I can't wait to get out there and practice some more.

    Some more pictures-



    The area where this took place is called "Bo Din" and is a huge plot of empty land in Minburi, Bangkok.

    Apparently anyone is welcome to go out there and ride-
  6. Changnoi1

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    Great! I saw the YouTube clips of pickup the bike. I had the chance once myself to practice it and as long as there is no mud it is no problem. One thing ... do NOT pickup your bike on your gas-trottle .... you have a chance you will break the turn-back-stop inside which again could damage the cable.

    Whish I knew about this day .... would have loved to be there! But driving "roads" like that you really need better tyres I think (especially after rain).

    It is weird but I think nobody will just put his brand new bike on the ground just to practise how to pick it up but actually everybody should be able to pickup his own bike.

    Chang Noi

    P.s.1 There are actually a few more of this kind of off-road tracks ... well at least in the Chonburi area

    P.s.2 But never go alone on the track ... you might fall and break your foot or worse. That is the reason why I most times skip the off-road parts but ... once & while I can not ... it is just too much fun.
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  8. brian_bkk

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    Hi Tony,
    Is there an email distribution list you are on from Kawasaki?

    We always seem to miss these events and would love to join them.

  9. TonyBKK

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    Hi Brian,

    I don't believe Kawasaki has an email list. Your best bet if you want to know about upcoming events is to sign up for some of the Thai Kawasaki forums.

    For Versys: http://www.clubversysthailand.com

    For ER6n / Ninja 650R: http://www.er6thailand.com

    For Ninja 250R: http://www.ninja250thailand.com/

    For D-Trackers (and KLX 250?): http://www.dtrackerthailand.com

    KSR: http://www.ksrthailand.com/

    I'm only active on the Versys and ER forums but usually find info about upcoming MiniGP events on the KSR and D-Tracker forums.

    I can't read a single word of Thai, but running these sites through Google translate is good enough for me to get the gist of it most of the time.

    Ride On!


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