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  1. Mmmmm nice! I see BMW has it's new 450 out too, so Honda had better get something to replace the XR's other than the (so I am lead to believe) high maintenance CRF X's.


  2. Nice looking bike that the KLX, dont think much of the Beemer though, looks like some sort of concept bike a design student has come up with.

    Dont like these modern bikes with the flattened out seat and tank, much prefer the old 80's/90's motocross style with the rising tank.
  3. Hi HogHead,

    Thanks for the information, if this bike is truly on sale for around 230.000 TBH, I then would regret the buying of my second hand SUZUKI DRZ 400 S 2005 for the same price.

    It looks as a modern off-road bike, and the advandtage of having a brand new model...

    I think these days we have to be patient, we'll see new bikes coming, even if I am NOT convince that Thailand is a mature market for bikes (big bikes).
  4. Yes i agree they would be a nice bike but as the Frequently asked Question goes, Does that include a Plate??? If so Good Deal I think, for Thailand compared to others. Looks like the Off Road only Version so i doubt it but Fingers Crossed, wouldn't take much to add some Indicators etc.
  5. apparently the book is included at 230K
  6. Better make sure this is true. It might have changed meanwhile, but when I looked into buying a KLX300 about two years ago, the book/plate/registration was definitely NOT included in the sticker price of Bht230K.

    After some bargaining two of the Kawasaki dealers in CNX lowered their price to respectively Bht200K and Bht210K. The dealer on Chang Moi road was willing to sell their showroom model for Bht200K and could arrange a plate/book for Bht60K.

    Finding it rather strange that Kawasaki would officially sell a model assembled in Thailand without a book (and at a relatively high price), I asked one of my staff to call the Marketing Dept at the factory in order to confirm the dealer's story.

    The dealer on Chang Moi Rd told me that Kawasaki had obtained an exemption from the Thai authorities to sell a limited number of KLX300R's (which are normally only destined for export) in the domestic market for 'sporting' purposes, i.e. to be used on tracks only.

    The Kawasaki marketing manager confirmed this story, and added that they had obtained only a very small quota (20 if I remember well) that they were allowed to sell for 'sporting/racing' purposes in the domestic market.

    The Thai authorities had not even allowed the local Kawasaki factory to present the KLX300R for homologation, as that would have opened the door to buyers obtaining registration/book/plate.

    At the time of my call, the marketing manager said that of the initial quota, only six KLX300R's remained in stock at the factory (and probably a few more at dealers throughout Thailand).

    I really don't understand why the author of this article tries to present the 'official introduction' as news. The KLX300R is 'Made in Thailand' (and has been for a number of years, just like the KLR650 which is also made here), and was already 'officially' lined up in their model range for sale in Thailand in 2005.

    Earlier this year I noticed the KLX300R was not featured anymore in the official Kawasaki Thailand online catalog:

    On another note, passing off the 2008 model as 'new' (see opening line of article) is rather disingenuous, as the 'new' 2008 KLX300R is, apart from the graphics, absolutely no different from the model launched in 1997! For 11 years, Kawasaki has been cranking out the exact same bike, as evidenced by the article's accompanying photo's and specs. Makes you wonder about the credentials (or ignorance) of the 'reporter' who posted this article...

    Azoulay, ne regrettez pas votre choix, la DR-Z400 est beaucoup plus performante que la KLX300R (mais aussi plus lourde!). Au prix de Bht230K plus Bht60K pour la plaque/l'immatriculation, la KLX300R n'est plus une bonne affaire a mon avis! For those of you who have forgotten most of their school French: The DR-Z400 offers a lot more performance than the KLX300R albeit a fair bit heavier. For Bht290K, it's not such a good deal anymore.

    Especially if you consider that in bone stock version, the KLX300R is a notoriously slow bike, even compared to the standards applicable at the time of its launch in 1997! The culprit is the constant vacuum carb, which is not conducive to a spirited ride. It requires a new pumper carb and an aftermarket exhaust system (muffler & header pipe) to free up those ponies!

    However, it's not all bad, as the KLX300R is relatively light, has a very nimble chassis and fairly decent stock suspension, and as such it offers a good base for upgrading.

    But adding the cost of a pumper carb and pipe to the already hefty Bht290K brings the KLX300R in a price range where there's other interesting offers, like Azoulay's plated DR-Z400 or XR400's.

    There's quite a few second-hand KLX250R's imported from Japan around, and Thai enduro riders often retrofit them with the cylinder of the KLX300R. Apart from a smaller barrel, the KLX250 is exactly the same bike/engine, but has the advantage of having an electric starter! I don't understand why Kawasaki keeps on making the KLX300R as a kickstart-only model, while the KLX250 has the magic button!
    Oh well, the mysterious ways of Japanese marketing strategies...

    Just adding my two euro-cents' worth...
  7. Gypsy Rider...you are quite correct ....the Kawasaki KLX 300 was available to buy in Thailand at the same time the Kawasaki KSR hit the roads here (about 2 years ago) ...but as you say it was only for sale as an off road bike and the same applied to the junior's KLX 11O. They could both be bought from Kawasaki Thailand but you could not get the dealer to put a book on them to make them road legal.
  8. I went to the dealer yesterday, and no book after all, but a 10K discount in lieu. No deal for me.
  9. Klaus ...I have just read the above mentioned article comparing the XR250, KLX300 AND DRZ 250 and it made me smile to find out that the XR250 came out tops. I have 4 XR250's and 1 Kawasaki D-tacker that i rent out in Pattaya and I have always said my personal preference is the XR250 a great bike with a bomb proof engine that will run forever.
  10. Whereabouts in Pattaya are you based Rich ? I usually rent out a CRM250 when I'm in town but always like to have options. What's your price by the day/week/month ?
  11. Penetrator we are based inside Pattaya New Plaza, near coffee 94, ....just before the Izuzu garage on 2nd road, central Pattaya. The prices are 500 per day, 2900 a week and 10,000 a month, on the above mentioned bikes. You would find the bikes are not old, 2004 and 2005 models in good condition and well maintained. We don't rent them out to the Arabs or young French idiots you tend to see abusing bikes around Pattaya, generally they are rented by the older end with a bit of common sense.
  13. Well don't ever try renting from us lol...
  14. rich, in the article they write about the XR's starting problems, even when hot - since you have them, what's your experience?
  15. As an owner of a KLX 250 with 300 barrel, pumper carb, exhaust etc. I'll say that this bike is capable but as Gypsyrider said never changed since '97. The low end on the motor is pretty pathetic however against Lukes bored and stroked XR 322 it still beats it in a drag race. Loses down low but stomps the XR as the revs climb. Granted wieghing 63 kilos helps a bit ;).

    Over two hundred thousand for this bike is simply outrageous. I say this after slogging my bike off road and super motard through three countries. Its never let me down and quite reliable. A nice bike but for that price there are better deals elsewhere. The DRZ 400's I've ridden are better everywhere except tight singletrack where wieght rears its head, and the KLX has a six speed which adds to its versatility. The DRZ you need to have two sets of sprockets, one for hard core dirt and one for dual sport use. I've seen fellow DRZ owners cuss in frustration with this issue.
  16. Klaus all my Xr's have electric start so no ...no problems.

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