Khao Khiew - Chonburi trails

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  1. GPS Make / Model:- Zumo 660

    GPS Track Name:- Khao_Khiew_May_2012

    GPS Track Recorded by:- brian_bkk

    Start :- Highway 7

    End:- Khao Khiew

    Way Points:-

    Date :- May 2012

    Season :- All Seasons

    Conditions :- Every time we go to these trails they change.. especially in the rainy season.

    Link to trip report :-

    Other comments you would like to add:- Great for a day trip out of Bangkok.. From Onnut it takes 1hr 10 mins on the KLX.
    Trails change every rainy season.. what was passable last rainy season is not passable this season due to the farmers ploughing the fields and the rain run off changing the landscape etc. Great fun with new challenges every time you go.





    Attached files Khao_Khiew_May_2012.gpx (166.5 KB) Khao_Khiew_Track1.gpx (60.6 KB)
  2. I like to ride my Road Bicycle all around that area. Once attempted to take my 4x4 up one of those trails you rode on, but then realized it was more for a bike!

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