Khon Kaen Bike Week 20/21 February

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  1. Below is firm information for the event.
    Website there are other photos of this trip in my album here …
    Location. Patunam market area near Makro on No 2 highway Khon Kaen
    GPS coordinates.

    Decimal Long 102.81263 Lat 16.40120

    DMS Long 102d 48m 45.6s Lat 16d 24m 4.1s

    Events calender should be uploaded to shortly, but summarising

    Fri 20th 10.00am Opening

    Various games, displays of BMX Extreme and Motocross plus Super monster surround sound car and audio show during the day. Day ends at 6.30pm. No evening entertainment provided.
    I suggest people arrive during the day, maybe touch base with the showground and enjoy an evening/night out in Khon Kaen. I am happy to provide info on the various types of entertainment available to those requesting by email or pm. No charge for Entry for Friday or Saturday until 5pm.

    The Pratunam area is a developing market area mainly for clothes. Many shops are open already, so the ladies may enjoy that, the bike show is on new ground behind the developed area, several Rai of concrete have been cast and shops are being built around the periphery.

    Not finished yet so we can use this year only. Food court, toilets available on site.

    Sat 21st 10.00am - 15.00hrs 150km escorted merit ride, taking in some of the most scenic and enjoyable roads in the area. Will include lunch at a school where a donation will be given by the bike committee to the children.

    Various events as previous day, all day,

    15.00hrs Escorted safety bike ride around Khon Kaen town.

    16.15hrs Bike beauty contest application and show (Thats for the bikes lads not the beauty on the back, sorry the wet T shirt idea was not approved)

    17.00hrs tickets sales for evening concert and show 200 Baht per person

    18.00hrs Happy hour free Drink

    19.15 Stage performance and lucky draw

    23.30 Close
  2. John

    i will be there, what hotel are available and what price tag?
  3. Hi Marco, Be pleased to see you there.

    Please see the web address below:

    Most of those hotels have secure parking. The Sophitel, now called Pullman is luxurious. Has offers around 2500 Baht.Kosa mid Range, 1200 Baht as is Chareon Thani Princess 1000Baht, all good parking, as has Khon Kaen Hotel, which is a bit cheaper. All the hotels are in the town and close to evening type activities. Khon Kaen Orchid is new, not far from the event and only 550 bht very nice clean rooms but will book up soon, as I have already taken 4 rooms for others.
  4. Thnx John
  5. Marco, as John suggested there's one I also recommend: I stayed one night at Charoen Thani which is good value for your money like any other Thai 3 Star Hotel, clean and not too much fuzz. Advantage is, it's quite close to the watering holes and also has a popular disco in the basement. Just chip in some 100 Baht, I did, got myself asked to park in the carpark close to security and the next day bike was cleaned with a dustcloth......... :lol: , rgds, FR
  6. Franz

    I been around KK quite many times and know those big buildings,now i prefer small more compact and desent price,,in KK is no reasson to pay over 1000K for hotel, there like john said small and almost brand new one's with 500 and around it...

    i will find something in there and it's unversity town so campus is full of chicks,,so they might have some free available corner's to traveler to sleep in,,,kk is famos of that.. :roll:
  7. I thought we were all going to sleep at John's house? :wink: :wink: :wink:
  8. Tony

    I have room in KK Orchid hotel

    and they still have some rooms left even in 1st floor
    "Yes we still have some rooms available on the 1st floor for 20/22nd Feb 2009"

    Best Regards
  9. I will be up there staying at the Pullman / Raj as i Got a Good Deal. See You all there.
  10. Ian

    Great to see you again then..

    i just got confirmation from my Hotel

    Dear Sir,
    Thank you for your inquiry.
    I confirm your booking.

    Arr - 20th Feb 2009
    Dep -22nd Feb 2009
    2 Nights
    1 Deluxe room
    1st Floor
    Total Price 1100 Baht

    Many Thanks
  11. Anything happening on the Friday night? Party at your place, John? :D
  12. Friday night, nothing on at bike week venue. I suggest we have a lads night out in Khon Kaen town, maybe meet at the Sophitel, can walk most places from there. Can park underneath. We can pool local knowledge of the entertainment available in KK.

    Thanks for the info Franz, I guess you are too busy planning move to join us?
  13. That'll be a rather murky pool then ...hopefully! :wink:
  14. Those coming to Khon Kaen bike week may like to check our updated website to see our intended Saturday ride, including map and pics from our route check last Sunday. Also pics from the village where the small school we will lunch at is located. ... outesurvey
  15. Yes John, much too busy, just got meeself a house near Hang Dong, need to do some repairs first as 4 years old already, need to move all my stuff up to there, sell my current house at Bowin, restore the SRX6, repair the NT400Bros which will be done on the technical side by Snail starting this weekend hopefully as I do not have sufficient time............sorry but it's a no go for me for the next 2 months. But anyway I wish all of you a nice & safe trip and an enjoyable weekend !! Cheers, Franz

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