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  1. I want to get my son (6 years old on Sunday 13th) a small Yamaha [:I]PW50 or similar Chinese bike.
    Are they available in Thailand?
  2. Hi JohhnyE,
    You can find little Chines Bikes and ATV's for sale in SuperSports Stores. Well at least they sell them here in Chiang Mai. The Company that Sells them is T-UNITED. They have Petrol and Electric Models. They have us Listed as their Authorised Dealer in Chiang Mai for them but we have not sold any and don't have any on Show (long Story) But if you want anything we can get it for you if you have any Trouble finding Them. Check ... esthouses/ Good Luck.
    Cheers Ian.
  3. Further to your call yesterday JohhnyE If you check out the Supersports Store at the Back part of Central they have a Small Motard Bike which would be suitable for what you need. 50cc Pull Start, no gears just rev and go. i would guess you can govern it for your Son till he gets the Hang of it. May have to change the Foot Pegs around as they looked to far back to me. Price: 11.600 Baht or there abouts.
    Cheers Ian.
  4. Thanks Ian will check it out tomorrow.
  5. Thanks Ian. Went to check it out. 24k baht (new) and it had fallen over and cracked plastics.
    Besides it was not auto but 4 speed semi auto.
    My little bloke would need fully auto.
    Will keep looking.
    I heard that there are Yamaha PW50 Chinese copies in Bangkok. Anybody know where to find them?
  6. Hi again, You must have seen a different Bike. The one i saw was definitely auto, it didn't even have a gear lever and the price was on it, 11.000 something. Maybe it was sold, i will take another look next time i am there? Cheers.

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