KTM at the Bangkok Motorbike Festival

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  1. Some KTM shots from the Show

    Her Racing kit, I was told is available from Paddock...

    The 990 SMT got attention

    Robert liked it

    The Austrian Trade Commissioner, Dr Gustav Gressel, was there to open their launch

    Robert felt back at home on the 990 ADV

    The 690 range of bikes was only represented by the standard Duke
    Franz has some interesting info on the 690 various models and the differences

    K Pisit Kunanantakul KTM Dealer, Doris, K Yut Manager

    Ready To Race
  2. Whoever worked out body paint seems to appease the Thai censors is a genius !!
  3. Im trying to work out what is more outreagous. The prices or the breasts. ...
    All I can say is her breasts are more than likely to deflate when the implants screw up. The chances of the taxes that force the high prices coming down is unlikely. TIT.
  4. READY TO RACE....I think that applies to the enduro / motocross range more than the bikes on show here. Shame they are not selling the 250s and 450s which are ready to race out of the box. :cry:
  5. I understand from RH who is no slouch when it comes to fixing punctures & understands the tecnical aspects of her kit,
    that she was already wearing patches!

    You can only admire & applaud a lady who goes on parade well prepared.

    I was of the understanding that it refered to the lass in white...
  6. From
    https://www.gt-rider.com/thailand-motorc ... 2-s50.html


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