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  1. Under construction but available: pics & get the gdb file here ...
    Hope to have more info there soon. Rgds, FR
  2. I see there is a new websit listed as http://www.ktmthailand.net/, noticed also that the map has a showroom at Petchaburi road almost behin the Rama 9 hospital. Has anyone managed to check out the showroom, do they have various models in stock? Going to be a few weeks before I make it into Bangkok so will check it out myself then.
  3. Both seem to be non-functional. If anybody has a working KTM in Thailand web address, let me know...
  4. Kunka KTM seem to be totally missing the web as a means of comms.. In fact all comms I have tried with them online has been pretty awful (non replies, shuflling mail through yahoo accounts, etc)..

    You can try prasopchai.m @ gmail.com or nondravath.k @ kunkacorp.com but the Kunkacorp website just 404's when you go to KTM motorcycles. Kind of amazing in this day and age they dont have any functioning web presence.

    You can also contact via facebook.. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001601201263
  5. You can call Yut direct I guess? He is the General Manager and His Tel # is 0817935666 or if You are outside Thailand Call: +66817935666. Good Luck. Thai businesses seem to take a while before they get their Web Sites up and Running for some Strange reason?
  6. Just takes me to the KTM international page. Yes it has a Thai price list but then they send you to Kunka site for contacts etc.
  7. Here is the latest website
    Link removed
  8. Hi every one ,

    This is Yut ,our web is now running please check Link removed , or contact me direct at 081 793 5666.

    There must be lots of question regarding KTM , KUNKA , Registeration .please feel free to contact me anytime .

    Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you guys,

    Best Regards,

  9. Hi Yut,
    Good to have You on Board Yut and we Wish You and KTM all the Best! How about a Chiang Mai KTM Dealer?
  10. Hi Ian ,

    How are you ? we are riding to Chaingmai on 3 Dec , would spend a night in Chaingmai then head to Chaingrai next day.
    If you are free please come and meet us at Warmup around 8-10 pm .

    Regarding dealer in Chiangmai , we still looking for one .... do you know who may interest ?

    So hope to see you krup ,

  11. Also a working link to KTM in Thailand:Udon E-San Bike Week 20-21 January 2012

  12. Hello - Does anyone have any info regarding - Bajaj motorbikes being sold in Thailand - ie which models and if there are spare parts available. Or if Bajaj/KTM have any products on offer in Thailand - KTM 200 or anything else . Is the new 2012 Bajaj Pulsar going to be sold in Thailand.

  13. Duke 200 on sale now for 220k.
  14. Hello Yut,

    Trying to contact you via your website to [email protected] bounces.

    Plus the links to powerparts and power wear on each of the bike pages seems to 404 also.

    What email is good for you ??

  15. KtmBangkok: "Page content failed to load". Link at the bottom: "Domain may be for sale"...

    KTMThailand works, but the "Mini Duke" is listed as "coming soon".

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