LAOS, Motorbike FOR SALE in Laos, 250cc Honda custom 1982

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  1. Motorbike FOR SALE in Vientiane Laos

    Honda Custom 250 cc, 1982
    Great condition ! The price is 800$

    I just finished a 2.5 months motorbike trip in Laos and Cambodia.
    the motorbike works perfectly i had 0 problems.
    the bike comes with all the needed documents, no need to worry about border crossing if you are buying this bike, I did it myself.


    my email : [email protected]
    my phone: 02096221488 (laos number)

    Attached files 266652=2183-IMG_8305.
  2. Hello,

    Im realy interested, Is it still for sale??

    Hope to hear from you soon.


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