Leaking GIVI boxes

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  1. I recently purchased a pair of new Givi Silver Alui Trekker Outback side boxes.

    The first time I used them was out over Songkran and we got soaked every day from dawn till dusk, I noticed the boxes had water in the bottom, but wasn't too sure If it was when I opened them up, if the water was seeping around the top seal or whatever. The rain was some of the heaviest I had known in Thailand and thought it unfair to judge the boxes at this stage.

    I just got back from a 3 day tour, in the bright sunshine, until we approached Hat Yai and the heavens opened, traffic dropped to 45 km/h on the dual carriageway - so it was pretty heavy, if we weren't so close to home I would have pulled off, but we soldiered on for 15 mins and ran through the storm.

    When I got home and unpacked, the boxes were wet again .. I filled them both up with water and sure enough, both the boxes leak in the leading corner, closest to the wheel, not just a drip, a steady stream

    Does anyone else suffer with this problem ? Am I expecting a little too much that they are water tight.

    I'm unsure what to do, I love the system and the look of the boxes. Do I return them or do i put a run of silicone inside around the black plastic corner piece ? As you know, they aren't cheap, what should i expect ?

  2. if it's real legit stuff then it shouldn't leak. these things are seriously expensive. What should you expect ? .... A Full refund ! .. next to useless if they leak.
  3. I have heard that some owners had one leaking box out of a pair - others none. I was unsure if it was commonplace.

    I'm awaiting delivery of a top box, once everything is here, I will pursue the matter.
  4. Surprising to hear this about Givi as their reputation is pretty much bullet proof.
    If it was me I would straight onto the dealer who I bought the gear from from, or the distributor.

    Good luck & please let us know how you go.
  5. Perhaps they aren't legit.

    It certainly wouldn't be the first scam like that.
  6. At $900 odd US a pair, they should be. Their plastic case versions certainly are, and my Touratech Aluminium versions certainly are. (I took them into my pool to test them out). As David says, problem for the guy you bought them off, not you.
  7. Any progress?
  8. Thanks for the update & PM.

    Good to know you're half way there, but if it is not resolved satisfactorily you are welcome to post the full story on GTR.
  9. Hmmm ... The boxes went back to the distributor, after a little story that I will hold off on telling you, the GIVI TH agreed that they leak and sent them to GIVI ASIA in Malaysia. Who then decided without telling me, the distributor or the retailer that they are sending them to Italy for repair.

    ETS: It seems like a game of Chinese whispers, maybe lost in translation, the above was untrue.
  10. Have you tried complaining direct to Givi Italy?
  11. They didnt reply when I made a first tentative enquiry.

    I had some Oxford panniers rip on me once, the European way is completely different to Thailand. Oxford wouldn't even talk to me, even though they understood I was in Thailand. They insisted I send them back to the retailer, the retailer dealt with the exchange.

    Thailand, often we deal directly with the regional distributor, as the retailer just shakes his head. In my case, the retailer seems to be working on my behalf. I have tried emailing GIVI but I fear they will just brush it off.

    Edit: Unncecessary comment removed.
  12. Edited Post: I received a call from the overseas operation director of GIVI.

    I was very happy to hear from him and learn of the process and production of GIVI products, he was very concerned and agreed after viewing the video that the boxes should be changed, unfortunately the distributor had broken procedure and sent me another set of faulty boxes which it appears come from a faulty batch escalating the problem.

    It appears the local guys seem to have acted against GIVI policy, I should have got a call from this guy within 24 hours of reporting the problem and the problem could be traced back to a specific time and batch.

    I guess its the same problem all of us face living here - the casual manner in which things sometimes proceed, lack of respect for procedure, loss of face, eagerness to please, whatever - My initial complaint seemed to slip through the system, and a month later, I have a very calm and enlightening conversation promising to remedy the situation as soon as possible.

    It was great to hear him encouraging me to use the boxes until a time comes when he is in a position to exchange the boxes, as this is one thing that had concerned me, the accumulated time of which i haven't had the boxes in my possession.

    Out of courtesy, I will edit the link, so the video is not viewable.

    In the future I hope to praise GIVI customer service, even today, after the conversation, I feel at ease that the situation is being dealt with in a manner befitting the reputation of the company.
  13. Good news that Givi HQs responded & was in touch direct with you.

    Please post a pic when you full set of boxes has arrived & is installed on your bike.

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