Leaving Pakse tomorrow 28/02/08...anyone else on the road???

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  1. Am awaiting a bike arranged thru GT-board member Jimoi and www.remoteasia.com. Check the website, it is very beautifully done, and so far I have every impression that these folks know intimately what they are doing. I think they provide full group tours but are willing to develop a plan for the solo do-it yourselfer like myself, whith route recommendations and knowledge of local conditions and festivals for the time you are travelling.

    Will be heading out tomorrow, if anyone else is out on a ride, maybe we can update each other on route details, favorable lodgings etc. Maybe a beer if we cross paths?

    BTW, I have always "winged it" as far as my road trips go, but Quynh at www.remoteasia.com seems right on top of things, email replies to my questions are always in my mail box next time I log on. She and Jim gave me a nice suggested itinerary...and are sending a cellphone with the bike which is nice to have as a backup...am wondering how the cell coverage is here?

    Good bit of advice....Cambodia and it looks like the popular areas in Laos maybe, are booming this time of year. Just finished a 2 week ride in Cambodia, where I found all the cheaper "fan" (
  2. You are in v good hands with Quynh & Jimoi.
    They have looked after me & my son on a number of trips to Laos & Vietnam.
    As you are finding Laos & Cambo are v popular @ this time of year.
    Accommodation in Laos does require booking ahead, if you want something half-way decent.
    Have a good trip and keep us posted.
  3. Deepcdiver
    Just wondering how was your trip overall? Any feedback?

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