Legal Logitstics of Buy Riding


Oct 21, 2009
Hey guys, obviously I'm new. I've done some searching and can't seem to get a lock on a clear answer to a few things. Here is my situation:

I just got done taking a MSF basic rider course and have my certificate so I can get my motorcycle endorsement added to my license -- the issue is I took the course in a different state so for all purposes I have no endorsement on my US license (though its not glaringly obvious). When I return to the states some time next year I'll move my license to the state I got the course certificate from and boom I'll have it. Doesn't help me in Thailand though in the mean time though.

However I've lived in Bangkok for 9 months previously this year so I know that these things can easily "go away" (though I've never done so myself) by having the officer "look at my license on more time".

So my questions are the following:

- I'm planning on getting a new bike to avoid the hassle of green book and the bike I'm looking at is cheap anyway for my budget (Ninja 250R) even for a first bike. This seems to be the consensus (vs. trying to import), right?

- When I buy the bike, am I going to need to show anything other than THB to drive off and have the bike be legal? I have an International Drivers Permit (but again no moto cert due to technicalities), but am a "tourist" (heh) so no residency papers etc. I will have an apt again though.

- Theft aside, am I going to be this big target by local police? I plan on living in/around Krabi town so not a really big place. Its one thing to slip some THB to an officer now and again, but I'm worried I'll just be constantly getting nailed esp. once the figure out I'm not legal.

Thanks for the input guys, and I'm sorry if these topics have been brought up, I did a bunch of searches here (and elsewhere) but maybe I'm not doing the right phrases.

Looking forward to hitting the coastal streets on two wheels!