Loei to Luang Prabang Early December 2011

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  1. Hi All,

    Initially we were planning on getting from Loei to Luang Prabang in one day. But since then Moto Rex has kindly offered some GPS tracks as well as Jim saying there is a lot to see around this area.

    We are now considering changing the plan a little bit. Advice / tips / tracks and recommendations welcome.

    There are three of us confirmed (may be one more) and another tentative joining at Pak Lay..
    Then head up to Xaignabouli. (many different spellings for this town). Right now we are considering staying here one night and spend the rest of the first afternoon exploring the area until dusk and Beer Lao time..

    Next day head to Luang Prabang along the 4a with lunch in Hong Sa then the 4b to Luang Prabang.

    How does the above sound?

    Does any one have any recommendations on accommodation. Cheap and cheerful is fine, but if there is something nice out there for a little bit more that would be great as it is a holiday after all :)

    Thanks in advance



    The rest of the trip we will make our way over towards Vietnam and the Pathet Lao caves with stops in Nong Khiew, Vieng Thong, Phonsavan and around the area to the south making our way back to Vientiane.. Where safe and possible riding as much dirt as possible with the Gecko Map and GT-Rider maps as references and any tracks we have been provided with.
  2. Big thanks to Jim from Remote Asia travel.

    We are renting one bike from Jim. Jim replied to this post via email with a wealth of information and tips which should make our trip fantastic.

  3. Hi Marcus,

    We will take the train up to Nong Khai the Friday night before - Nov 25th.
    Saturday morning ride along to Mekong as far as we can, then cut across the roads to Loei.
    check in to the hotel (One that will allow us to leave the bikes for a week). have a look around Loei, then back to Udon Sunday afternoon for an early evening flight to BKK.

    Next Friday Fly up to Udon and take a taxi to Loei. Hopefully in Loei by 8 or 9 pm

    Saturday morning early off to Tha Li then up to Xainaboury -- Spend the night there and look around. Next day to LP via Hong Sa for lunch, LP that night.
    Ride around LP the next day one more night there.. Then take the dirt road through the mountain to Nong Khiew (1c)
    Over to the Pathet Lao caves 1night, down to Phonsavan for 2 nights and then Vang Vieng and Vientiane with enough time for a late lazy lunch and beer lao by the Mekong before heading to the friendship bridge.. Doing as much reasonable / safe dirt as we can do.
    Sunday 11th bikes on the train and a sleeper to BKK.. Holiday on the Monday..

    We are mostly new to dirt biking.. Picked up the KLX's around April / May this year.. So no rush and taking it easy and enjoying the experience and looking for some challenging stuff as we go along.

    Two of us will be on White KLX, one on Green KLX and one on D-tracker with dirt tyres and another renting from Jim.. Not sure what bike he will have.

    Look forward to your trip report. Must have been muddy as hell.


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