Long Necks Khun Yuam

Discussion in 'Golden Oldies' started by DavidFL, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. DavidFL

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    Early 93 & a new long neck village was set up West of Khun Yuam to promote tourism in the Khun Yuam area.

    It was also the start of the MotoGP season so Joe's Bikes Team & I took pity on the local fans out there to provide them with some reading material to keep up to date with the real world..........




    Joe almost found young love?


    And the way there was a good one - lots of stream crossings


    And what happened to the village - malaria - it was closed down after 4 months. The people got sick with malaria.
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  3. Marco

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    nice one dave

    roads that time must be bit different and challenging that now days...

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