LONG WAY DOWN bike journey TV program

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    im not aware if you in LOS are watching but intresting jeurney every monday on NAT GEO channel 8pm
    http://www.ngcasia.com/explore/longwayd ... sodes.aspx

    Long Way Down
    Every Monday @ 9:00pm HK/SIN

    Three years after Ewan McGregor and best mate Charley Boorman circumnavigated the globe on their motorcycles, the long-time friends are hitting the road again from the top of Scotland to the bottom tip of Africa. Traversing more than 24,000 kilometres of tough terrain – crossing over dangerous roads and into bandit country – Ewan and Charley set off on the adventure of a lifetime in Long Way Down. Travelling through countries including Libya, Ethiopia, Sudan, Rwanda, Uganda and Malawi, the boys push themselves to the limit in extreme heat and harsh terrain. Interacting with tribesmen, a President and one unhappy elephant, Ewan and Charley experience Africa up close.
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  3. Dougal

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    Looks good Marco. I missed the first episode so will try to catch the next one.

    See you in a cou[ple of weeks.
  4. Marco

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