Looking For 650 Vstrom Or Versys ...

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  1. Hello GT Riders,
    I'm looking for Suzuki 650 Vstrom or Kawasaki 650 Versys in good condition with green book and details about services and maintenance. I live in Chiang Mai.
    I am open to all serious proposals.
    Contact : nelska1962 at gmail dot com
    Have a nice trip to all
  2. C&P was selling his Vstrom fleet to have all new 2017 Vstroms for high season.
    You could check with him.
  3. Thank you very much David. However, I can not find "C & P" with the member search tool ?
  4. Ok thank you :blush:
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    Hi NELSKA, I am selling my V-Strom, here is my advert on Facebook.

    Security Check Required

    Hope to hear from you.

    BTW the picture of me with a Versys in my avatar is an old one. I've already sold the Versys.

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