Looking For Kawasaki D-tracker 250 Parts

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  1. NomadMike

    NomadMike New Member

    Hi I hope someone can help me out I live on Koh Samui, I have a D-Tracker 250 and have been trying to find somewhere that sells spares, these bikes have been around for a while but I can't seem to source parts or rebuilt engines in Thailand found a few on ebaybut they are based in the UK and will not ship to Thailand

    I am looking for LCD display - just the LCD mine is sun damamged
    Original handlebars
    Break and Clutch grips

    any pointers much appretiated
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  3. DavidFL

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  4. NomadMike

    NomadMike New Member

    There is a main dealer on the island but very expencive for parts I was loooking for a scap yard or secondhand parts been quoted 30,000 baht for my engine repair with genuine parts for another 110000 I can get a new bike lol

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