looking for side and top boxes for my kawa versys,

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  1. looking for side and top box for my kawasaki vesys, second hand or new, where to find them ? Even all the news for idea are welcome,
    Greenkawabird, Korat thanks pierre
  2. Kawasaki CNX have Givi but they are not cheap.
  3. Korat has a Kawasaki Big Bike Dealer, I have met the principal Khun Dom, who is a keen biker and speaks good English. I am sure he can help you. The address of the shop is on Kawasali Thailand web site.
  4. Thanks John. i know Dom very well, my versys comes from him also ride with him in the Kawaii_Korat club,
    but he do not have boxes in stock...we have ask him already, im waiting now to see what he ordered....
    regards pierre "greenkawabird"
  5. Mityon Kwasaki Big Bikes in Pattaya have them in stock. Like Ron said they are not cheap.
    The side boxes need racks. Approx prices are Top Box B20,000+, Side Boxes B12,000+.
    Phone No.: 038-413722 or 089-2448556.
  6. Got Givi side and top boxes (with stop light) two years ago for my ER6N from Dr Bike in Lad Phrao. From memory total cost was around 14k Baht. They have been very serviceable although one pannier fell off as I didnt secure it properly. It skidded down the highway about 50 metres, a few scratches but still intact LOL.
  7. how much is the big Trekker top box at that place?

    I tried to navigate the website but there seems to be a law against good websites in Thailand, I can't find anything on this one. That is they have the Trekker - the big square alu box with black plastic accents - on a lot of images around the site, but no price....
  8. Latest news for the Givi trekker big boxes 46 litr..........?? Just to let you know, thanks for your help ...

    Thank you for your kind interest in GIVI products.
    We are pleased to provide the following detail :
    The Monokey Pack3 TRK46 is 51000 THB.
    The bracket to mount the 3 cases is 20500 THB.
    EMS shipping is 1000THB.
    Total cost is 72500 THB.
    We have them in stock.
    You need only less than half an hour to finish your assembly.
    Thitinan (Alvin) Sirisithichoke

    E-MAIL: [email protected], [email protected]
    WEBSITE: http://www.thaimotorbox.com

  9. Those prices are over the top(box).

    60/26-27 Chokchai 4 Rd, Ladprao map

    Tel 02-538-3529, 02-538-2072, 02-538-7638

    GPS: N13.80335/E100.59680
  10. Not sure, send him a quick email and he'll let you know [email protected]
  11. i only have the top box, Kappa 46L with stop light.(givi rack/bracet) including instalation abaout RM1000.so just ride down to KL and get it done.
  12. ^ email sent

    51k for 3 Trekker 46l means one costs 17k. The Trekker can be used either on the side or top, so these are all the same boxes. It's very clever. 17k is steep but certainly not unheard of in Thailand - one of those huge Givis at Kawa CM costs 22k baht, I think.

    20,000 for the rack seems absurdly expensive. Shame, I've seen the rack, it's pretty good quality. I guess the top box bit only costs 10k or so...
  13. Bought my set: bracket, top plate and box from Thai Motor Box. (they have a reputation of not being cheap)

    Total price I paid (after a lot of negotiating) was 21600THB. This is price is not too bad for Thailand but you can buy them cheaper in the UK or USA.
  14. Congrats! Good price, and nice looking top box. I've seen these in real life, they look better than in the pic.... interesting that they didn't remove the rear handle bars for that rack - all the ones I've seen are basically a replacement for the rear handles, they are replaced by metal bars which are part of the rear rack.
  15. The box does look better if there is a driver on the bike. Now the bike looks a bit out of balance. As for the handles, the steel part is replaced with a part that can ALSO hold the rack. Just swapped the original plastic part and still have the original steel part for easy (back) conversion. All parts came as a set.

  16. my top box (givi rack + Kappa box) with instalation about RM950
  17. The answer from my experience:

    You may order them directly from some reliable websites.
    By this way, it will take 2-4 weeks for delivery using door-to-door air courier service.
    Most importantly, you need to pay the imported tax of 30% - 40% on top of
    the CIF price shown in the invoice (CIF= product + insurance + freight)
    plus 7% VAT on top of the last calculated price.
    [the 30% imported tax is for any motorcycle spare parts,
    and 40% tax is for boxes, tool boxes or cases).

    You may see now why the retail prices in Thailand are 3-time more expensive than the price in EU or US.
    I, myself did the whole process and, in total, I paid a little bit higher than the retail price in Thailand.

    If you are considering buying them, I'd like to resell my never-been-used GIVI pannier holder -
    rapid detachable rack system, PLXR450 together with 450kit.
    The rack set has been designed to fit Versys 2010-11
    for taking GIVI V35 side boxes.

    My last prices:
    Bht. 11,500 for PLXR450 (cheaper than retailers' lowest price in [email protected],500)
    Bht. 2,950 for 450kit (cheaper than retailers' lowest price in [email protected],450).

    The URL links hereunder may help showing you about Givi V35 and the rack system.


    contact: [email protected]

    (I got only the rack set, and only one set)

    Arkus (I'm Thai)
  18. In Thailand, if you import such items,
    you will have to pay 40% imported tax on top of CIF Thailand (products + insurance + freight) + 7% VAT.
    I tried with a door-to-door order last month. I paid 153 Euro for a box, + 154 Euro for freight & insurance,
    + 152 Euro for tax, tariff and vat., + 15 Euro for service charge for custom clearance, in total of 474 Euro or the triple.

    Anyway, if you are considering buying side cases,
    Now I got only the rack system of brand new GIVI V35 side boxes
    that I want to resell them.
    One set of never-been-used GIVI rack system:
    Bht. 14,500 for PLXR450 together with 450kit to fit with Versys 2010-11 to take GIVI V35 side boxes.

    The URL links hereunder may help showing you about Givi V35 and the rack system.


    contact: [email protected]

    (I got only the rack set, and only one set.
    I think you can find the way to "carry-in" the GIVI V35 cases,
    but not the steel structures).


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