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  1. Can one of you give me an address that I can send all my replies to so everyone gets them at the same time. Thanks Jerry
  2. Jerry
    Easiest would just be to post some "brief" replies to the emails here, I think. Up to you, but I hope it does not cause you any trouble.
    And maybe more guys will ride their motorbikes, tour Laos, visit Xam Neua province & the Phou Phathi area - without getting into or causing any trouble.
    Remember guys we dont want to upset the apple cart, but just ride our bikes, tour and enjoy life.
  3. LS 85 in my opinion is not worth all the bother you would have to go through to get there. First you cant get your bikes up there,the trail is dangerous, There is nothing up there worth seeing except the view. It is an armed camp and the soldiers are up there all the time. It would be an all day venture just getting up there and back from the village. There are NO repeat NO acconodations nearby,you would have to sleep in a sleeping bag on the ground out in the open. No potable water (for round eyes) that is safe to drink on the trail or on top or in the village. The recovery guys are gone now as i understand. They traveled back and forth from Sam Neua,a pretty good place to stop. All the big caves are there and there is a very fine hotel there. If I am wrong about any of this let me know.I am not that up to speed on living accomodations there. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS I WILL BE GLAD TO REPLY HERE. WARMEST rEGARDS TO YOU ALL.. JERRY
  4. I forgoty to mention that there is a fine paved road from Sam Neua to Hanoi. Jerry

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