Luang Prabang-Tham Ting-Kuang Xi

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  1. I'm staying at the Mano G.H. nice place. Yesterday I was visiting Tham Ting Caves. It's about 20 km out of town direction China at Ban Som Sanouk I made left turn and had some beautyfull offroad for about 10 kms
    along the Mea Khong River with great views all along. Arrived at the boa6t landing and took a boat for 10000 kip to the other side. The tempel was not so exiting to me 'cause I've seen so many allready in Thailand etc...
    In the afternoon I went to Kuang Xi Waterfall. Nice gravelroad with some high speed passages, perfect deal for the Baja. The waterfall is very beautyfull and the water has a milky green colour. It's nice to go for a swim there - very refreshing. Later back to my G.H.
  2. Rudi
    We arrive LPB 2.40 pm & are staying at the Souansavan ghouse. This is in a soi "behind" the Phousi hotel, (not far from you at the Mano ghouse).
    Phone nos are:
    1. My Lao mobile: 020 770 8088.
    2. Souansavan, telephone (071) 213 020.

    My other mate Julian is also in LPB waiting to meet up for a quiet shot of Glenn Turner, down by the 'Khong.

    Keep the power on

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