Malaysian Plate Bike, Leaving In Thailand, Duration?

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    Hi everyone, first of all thanks so much for all the information about SE Asia countries on the forum,
    I learned so many things before my trip, and still pushing for more information..
    I'm Turkish and living in Turkey, in 15 days I'll fly to Kuala Lumpur from Istanbul.
    I'm planning to buy a bike from Kuala Lumpur and make a trip through Malaysia, Thailand and Laos.
    I'm ok with all the information about border crossings, visas and documentary that I'll need.

    After my trip I want to leave the bike in Thailand, that's the point I wonder about,
    for how long I can leave a Malaysian plate bike in Thailand?

    I don't have enough time to ride back to Malaysia to leave or sell the bike there..
    I know that Cambodia is a good option to leave the bike for long time, It will be my last option..
    I want to leave the bike in Thailand because I'm planning to come back one year later and this time make trip to
    south, Singapore and Indonesia..

    Thanks in advance!
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    As far as I know it is 28 days.
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    Correct .. He could get some extensions on that - but hasnt the law changed recently ? and the OP couldn't apply for an extension if he wasn't in the country.

    A buddy bought a Malay bike a few months back, because he didn't want the hassle of getting the documents for a Thai bike - also thinking he would spend time in riding round Malaysia - Fatal, he went to Phuket, met a girl and didn't get much further. In the end he took the bike to Malaysia, handed over his temp import doc's - then we brought the bike back illegally and he's keeping it at her place until he decides what his next move is. He will probably just ride it back through Sadao and no one will care, do the loop and bring it back on another temp import.

    What bike are you looking to purchase ?

    The only benefit is that it will be easier to get a Carnet for the Indo leg in a years time .. but a year is a long time, things change - Transport / Customs laws in Thailand ( although Malaysian bikes are always going to be welcome ) is changing all the time at the moment. Not the sort of thing you would want to risk TBH. (Haven't the temp export to Indo changed in the past couple of week too ?)

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