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  1. Vichian from 32 Farmers has stock of farang size mesh pants if any of you guys are looking for them, but can't find a farang size in Thailand.

    See ... 24714.html ... 24714.html

    Price 4,500 baht & seems ok to me.

    I will be trying a pair later on.
  2. let us know what they're like and size for Farang...?
  3. I bought a pair of these about 3 years ago, when they were half that price, made by Shimoto if I remember correctly. Mine were road tested, held up pretty well, only had some gravel rash on my knees. I am 5'11" and a 32"waist/leg and they were a good fit. Bought a pair of boots for around 1,500B from the same guys, ride in all weathers and they have also held up well although they are not 100% waterproof. Got them re-soled for 250B and good for another few years. The boots were also road tested and hardly a mark on them.
  4. Tubber
    If you've got any photos of the boots & jacket "used" to share for us to assess would be great.
  5. Unfortunately they had to cut the trousers off in the hospital so I threw them in the bin but I will take a photo of the boots and post it.
  6. Pictures of boots, think they were 1,500B.

    They have been resoled and looks like they need a good clean but definitely good value for money.
  7. The boots look quite ok considering the use. I reckon I might have to try a pair of those too if Vichian still has farang sizes.
    Curious what did you replace your mesh pants with - another mesh pair, or something else?
  8. I replaced the mesh pants with mesh pants. I am going to call them trousers, being from the UK pants is another name for ballbags. I bought the mesh trousers from Jimmy in Udon, made by Vanucci, waterproof and breathable, outershell is 100% Polyamide, membrane is 100% polyester and the lining is 100% polyester. They have hip and knee armour (CE approved) like the Shimoto ones. They are from Europe so I have removed the quilted lining which was also supplied. They cost around 4,000B maybe a bit less. If anybody is interested K Speed in Bangkok are flogging Sidi Vertigo Corsa boots for 10,000B, they sent me stuff by EMS before so it shouldn't be a problem. Think Paddock are 14 or 15,000 for the same boots. I also have a Kushitani mesh jacket that is good with elbow, shoulder and back protection. Still looking for a decent pair of gloves.
  9. Didn't really say as much but for the same money there is better mesh pants around. Boots are still good value though.

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