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  1. Kruse

    Kruse New Member

    Hi there.

    Anybody in Bangkok want to drive my Russian Minsk out of Thailand?
    I'll be at New Siam 2 (name of the hotel) on the 6. and 7. of March. Ask for room 2212, Mr. Jensen or Mrs. Jessen.
    You have to drive it out of Thailand before the 27. of March (otherwise there will be trouble with customs).
    I have just finished a great trip from Hanoi to Bangkok, together with my son and wife, all on one Minsk.
    The Minsk is in very good condition and with the essential spare parts and tools.

    Many greetings from Soren Kruse Jensen
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  3. scot harper

    scot harper Ol'Timer

    Kruse and family we would like to hear of your 3up adventure from Hanoi to BKK.
    did anyone or anything fall of the bike, do you have pics of bike loaded like donkey, eg: family,bags, duty free, artifacts and associated bric a brac[:D]
  4. Kruse

    Kruse New Member

    Hi Scott.

    I'll will be writing an account of our trip very soon and including pictures of the old packed buffalo!
    For the moment I just need to rest my soar behind[:)]

    Many greetings from Soren
  5. Bart

    Bart New Member

    hey soren
    i met u the oter day and was worried that it would be impossible to get the minsk out of thailand with the import papers under your name. am still keen 2 talk to the immigration officials as if theres any way around the problem. not sure if you are still here. will try your hotel
    cheers Bart
  6. Kruse

    Kruse New Member

    Hi Bart and others.

    I am sorry, but the Minsk is gone now. A brazilian named Patrick is currently giving it new adventures in Thailand.
    I'll post a report of our trip from Hanoi to Bangkok very soon.

    Many greetings from Soren
  7. vodka

    vodka Member

    hello Kruse, we are planning to go from Hanoi to Ho Chi min, then Cambodgia and then back to bangkok. You sell your bike pretty fast, did you habe many interested people? Would you recommand to come to sell it in Bangkok?
    Greetings from Vientiane

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