Mityon now selling BIG Yammys and Suzis

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  1. Mityon Pattaya now selling big Yamahas and Susulis

    models include FJR R1 R6 , Bandit 1250, B King Hiyabusa ,

    they have a big display for a week at Central Pattaya soi 9

    and a dedicated big bike showroom will follow as they have the Kawasaki one on Sukumvit...

  2. I've seen the Yamahas, but Suzukis? What's the prices? Are they an official dealership? Price list pleeeeze!
  3. They had afull range of Suzukis on display but i did not ask prices ,may have time tommorow to check and yes they will be official dealer so they say.
  4. A full range of models? That would be more than Kawasaki or Yamaha is offering.
    I'd be surprised if they'd bring in the DR650SE, I preferred it over the XR650L.

    In any case, thanks for scouting this out and posting it - we're all awaiting the good news!!
  5. I looked again today and no prices displayed
  6. But you did see some Yamahas and Suzukis?
  7. anyone down there wanna go for a fact-finding mission? I am sure they'll tell you the prices if you ask ;)

    Haven't seen any Suzis up here in CM but I might check the Suzuki dealer (cars) later in the day...
  8. I think it's good news,lets hope the prices are reasonable.

    It should help me and the used bike market as there should be some tidy used bikes around for us to buy in a couple of years, we wont have to go through the ridiculously expensive and long Grey import process.

    I doubt they will be taking PX'S,like most main dealers here don't seem to do. :cry:

    Interesting times for sure :D
  9. At Least things are now happening here if not still with that darn LOS TAX :evil:
    New R1 was for 870,000.
    Sales girl in the shop corner Pattaya Tai/3rd Road thinks all the Bikes gonna be market price on new models, but have to wait and see when new showroom opens for further Info, and where that showroom is gonna be , well she not understand Mr .
    I wonder if PSB are gonna give us a fair Price eh :lol: :lol-sign:
  10. Linds... if you want an R1 then Bard has a 2009/2010 for sale only 750,000b with yummy extras.
  11. Come have a look and make your own mind up. :thumbup: ... &Itemid=38

    2 very nice R1's currently in stock

    Competatively priced,considering they have BKK registrations.

    Remeber all our bikes are advertised by the year that the frame was manufactured.(they may be newer than stated) :wink:

    Cheers :thumbup:

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