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  1. monsterman

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    To anyone who thinks you cant tour on a monster i just did 4653 kms in 9 days accross Thailand on a mixture of high grade tarmac ,concrete roads and some sandy rutted dirt tracks and a lot of in between roads , most of the time with 95 octane fuel but some 91 as well, nothing broke or fell off , it now needs a good clean and oil and filter change , chain was lubed with Wurth dry lube whiah is excellent .the mountains were spectacular altghough speeds had to be carefully judged on the u bends and switch backs full of gravel sand and diesel spills , rear brake pads need replacing as on the mountains it gets used heavily and also on the dirt roads ,the pirrelli diablos 3s too it all in their stride .

    the pilot is sore my legs hurt and my bum is sore , the seat is crap even with gel pad fitted it needs more padding at the front ,the engine slider bars are excellent feet forward pegs like a Harley when you want to rest the legs and bum a bit on easy roads.
    max speed was about 130mph most cruising on major highways was at 80mph with 160 miles between fillups but on one occassion i eked 190 miles from the tank in Petchabun when no fillup points in NamNao National park jungle run came up I was worried !!!!!!

    Day-1 pattaya -Hat lek-pattaya...border closed= no visa
    Day 2 Pattaya-Nakon Sawan
    Day 3 Nakon Sawan-Mae Sot-Mae sariang. both borders closed = no visa
    Day 4 Mae sariang- CMX
    Day 5 CMX-Mae Sai- tachilek...border open = Visa OK hooray !!!!!
    Day 6 Mae sai- Phu Che Fa -Nan
    Day 7 Nan - Pitsanalok-Khon Kaen
    Day 8 Khon Kaen - khorat
    Day 9 Khorat- pattaya

    Monster are excellent touring bikes ,I have a tank bag and alpinstars throw over panniers .







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  3. LivinLOS

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    Would far rather tour on a monster than many super sports.. Always seemed to me a nice machine for the purpose, only worry would be Duci service intervals and ability to get it done.
  4. monsterman

    monsterman Ol'Timer

    LivinLOS , the servicing is no problem if you DIY which i do even the 4 valver is not to much hassle , the seat is the biggest problem its terrible i have had it reshaped and padded but its not much better and my UK monster is just as bad .after market seats are £400 in Uk so i may get an airhawk pad instead. also the fronk forks are very harsh even with modified springs and oil so i may get them revalved for more compliancy
  5. ronwebb

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    I have a new unused Airhawk mid size cruiser for sale. at THB 4,500 + ems delivery which is what it cost me. It makes the Versys too high and I am OK with the seat on it any way. PM me if interested.
  6. monsterman

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    No its not my first trip report i did one on Chantaburi lost roads last year and good runs around Pattaya ,Rayong loops
  7. monsterman

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    visa run companies from pattaya have had problems over the last 2 weeks .

    they wer open yesterday as a mate crossed at Aranyapratet .

    Mae sariang in Burma is also closed . it and mae sot are closed as the Burmese say they dont warrant the business flow ????The thais are open but cannot process anyone because of that problem. Tachilek is no problem as its really busy.
  8. DavidFL

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    Thanks Jerry - it's really great to see a trip report from you!

    Are the saddlebags Alpinestars from Tachilek?

    Which was the best road / ride you did?
  9. monsterman

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    David the best road was Route 12 from Pitsanalok over the mountains .

    The bags are Alpistars from Tachikek.

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