Motorcycle fuel tank liner kit

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  1. r136dg

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    1 quart cleaner, 1 quart prep and 1 quart liner of the good stuff. Enough to do two large 6 Gallon/23 Liter motorcycle fuel tanks (or several smaller tanks).

    Cures in a bright blue color. Box opened for pics only & instructions are included. 3,000 Baht.

    • Northern Tank Liner will seal in existing rust to prevent it from flaking off and plugging the fuel line or carburetor
    • As a sealant, Northern Tank Liner excels at sealing the often hundreds of pinhole leaks that occur along seams or where straps wrap around the tank
    • Once in place, Northern Tank Liner forms a very tough, flexible membrane that will never crack or flake as many competitive products do
    • Northern Tank Liner will not plug lines or cause engine damage when used as directed
    • Future rust will be prevented because condensation will not contact the metal
    • A partial list of additives that Northern Tank Liner is resistant to includes ethyl alcohol, Methyl alcohol, toluene, methyl tertiary butyl ether, isopropyl alcohol, and tetraethyl lead
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  3. Hoghead

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    I just tried Kreem on a sandblasted and prepped interior using their chemicals and it peeled off. Others have used it with success but not me.
    In all fairness it was on my shelf for 2-3 years

    I just got a US quart of Bill Hirsch sealer and am doing it again this week on the re-sandblasted interior. Hirsch is the only brand approved for aircraft use and his other products are great so IMHO well worth a try. Ethanol approved

    I have not tried Northern nor Red
  4. r136dg

    r136dg Active Member

    Did ya use a cleaner & prep before the Kreem? I'm not enthusiastic about that stuff anyhow, seems similar to what Harley uses (or used to use). We know how well that held up to ethanol. I have seen a Northern treated tank after 2 years of ethanol & it looked mint. 2 years isn't much, but he sold the bike.
    Give us a heads up on the Bill Hirsch down the road:) Also, aren't you the guy who recently did a spoked rim sealer to go tubeless? Appreciate any thoughts on that also!
  5. jkrfjessjess

    jkrfjessjess Member

    I am having issues with a fibreglass tank and would like to seal it . Does anyone know if a product is available in Thailand , better still Chiangmai ?
    Any help appreciated .
  6. r136dg

    r136dg Active Member

    Not much response in these forums. Wish I could help but zero experience with anything other than steel tanks.
  7. jkrfjessjess

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