Motorcycle Visas for Laos? - 8,500 baht?

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  1. I am scheduling a ride into Laos in March 30ish - April 10ish. I spoke with Lek about a rental and he is telling me I need to pay 8,500 baht to coordinate a motorbike visa to cross into Laos. He seems really nice but this sounded a little suspicious and was wondering if this is actually necessary. I am willing to grease some palms to get across the border but only if it is necessary or saves me time or hassle. Or is this a legetimate visa requirement?

    Is this 8,500 baht appropriate?

  2. Eric
    If you want to rent a bike from Lek & take it to Laos, he expects you to use his "bike visa service."
    If you dont use his bike & can score a bike from another shop & they will let you take it to Laos, then the fee is normally US$30 on the Laos side for the papers.
    But you will be hard pressed to find another shop in Chiang Mai that will let you take a bike into Laos, in the hope that you will bring it back in one piece.
    An alternative is to rent one - a 250 Baja - in Vientiane from PVO motorcycle hire.
    Hope this is a help.

    Keep the power on

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