Muang Sing Festivals 2017 Boun That Xieng Teung Stupa

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    The dates for the 2017 Muang Sing Boun That Xieng Teung Stupa Festival have changed slightly.

    1st November a festival down town Muang Sing
    2nd November Free day
    3rd November the big BounThat Xieng Teung Stupa Festival.

    Originally it was understood the Stupa festival was on 3 & 4 November, with the 4th being the big day; but information to hand tonight says the 3rd is the big day, so you should be in Muang Sing on the night of the 2nd.

    Hope to see some guys there.

    Ride safe & take care.


    Info on the festival here:
    Chiang Mai - Muang Sing (Boun That Xieng Teung festival) - Return.

    Every 5 years it is a big one & 2017 is a big one!

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