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  1. I did some searching but have not gotten exactly what I am looking for.

    Does anyone know of a shop that has, or the ability to import, proper MX bikes? I love my KLX on the trails and back country. I would like to get a pair of proper MX bikes for myself and my son to play with on some of the small tracks in my area. I would prefer new but beggars can't be choosy. I know of a guy in my area that does the standard grey market parts import/build up gig but would rather not go that route unless I have too.

  2. You could try Dirt Shop in On Nut Road Bangkok.

    At the end of last year they had a CRF250 for approx 230000 baht and it looked new. (they are £5000 in the UK) The boss has good contacts. Sorry I can't remember his name. I showed up there once and he was unloading two brand new competition bikes from the back of a truck. Again the price he quoted to purchase was fair. They run Honda Red Bull motocross team in Thailand. I bought a two year old XR650 from them for 170000 approx 9 years back, which seems like a bargain now when I see what old ones are sold for.
    (Be careful if you are buying accessories in the shop as prices can be high.)

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    Here is the picture what was not shown in oneton's answer
  4. Greetings,

    No way to purchase new Motocross bikes through dealers yet. They do not import them legally through established channels at this point in time. Therefore all the MX bikes are mostly imported in pieces and reassembled.

    Dirt Shop in Bangkok can get you bikes as Oneton stated but Bangkok is a bit far for you. Closer to you is ST motorcycles in Chiang Rai 0814332236, 0818852852 that can source dirt bikes for you. You can get 2009 models no problem. If you come into Chiang Mai ever there are couple shops here that can also do the deal for you: CNX Motocross 0817965991 and Lung Nuat motorcycles. ST and CNX Motocross both have owners that speak English.

    Best of luck and enjoy the riding with your son.
  5. Thanks brothers! That is perfect. :D



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