My first trip of 2012 : From Khon Kaen to Petchabun via Phu Kradung and Loei

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  1. (considering Petchabun & Loei as part of the Isaan)

    So I left Khon Kaen vai route 12 to take route 201 in direction of Phu Kradung and made some sight-seeing tours in tha area. Re-found a area that I call "KhunYing" with a kind of stone-park-formation. Amazing beautiful area, but it is already loosing a lot of its green.

    From Phu Kradung I rode some up-country roads back to the 201 and straight to Loei. When having lunch in Loei I thought "It is a bit early" and changed my mind and got on the bike again to ride via the 203 to Lomsak and then to Petchabun. Checked-in at the Burapa Hotel where I did meet 2 Thai guys from Songkhla on their HD's. They just did go downhill Phu twisty road (sorry always forget the name).

    The next day I explored Khao Khao starting at the 2258 where at the intersection with the 2196 I took a right turn in direction of Khao Kho but changed my mind again and took a left to the 2323 to visit the "Weapon Museum" and "Khao Kho Memorial" (still having very mixed feeling about the war against communist in Thailand). After the Memorial the roads goes real steep down! Continued the 2196 again to make a loop via the 2325 back to that same intersection where again I took the 2196 but now to go all the way to route 12. Somewhere I went up to have a look to all the Thai to visit the "Royal Palace" with nice toilets. From the 2196 I took a side-track again via the 2302 which come later back to the 2196 again. And I did ride all the way to Khaem Son at route 12 (wow beautiful mountains there at the other side .... next time). Then and easy but still great ride all the way back to Khon Kaen.

    Chang Noi

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  2. Welcome back! Isn't it great to be on two wheels again? :D

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