My 'new' 2011 Fjr1300

Sep 13, 2010
I've just picked up this beauty from a dealer in Bangkok for 260k - much cheaper, by far, than any other FJR of this vintage I've seen for sale.

It rode beautifully from Bangkok, but my head boiled, arse died and feet fell off, so my body needs to get bike hardened before I begin to consider any lengthy rides.

Low mileage can also be a worry, especially if it's been sitting around for any significant period of time, so the guys at K-Speed in Udon are currently going through everything to ensure its roadworthy.

New tyres, battery, fluids, repair to heated grips after Mr Rat got hungry, fork seals & oil so far.

FJR 04.jpg

FJR 09.jpg

FJR 03.jpg