My October tour 18-29 2010 Home to Phetchabun and ride there

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  1. Well well

    Here we go, what all started as a small discussion turns to be long houl tour
    My original plan was meet the Tony and Tiger Sachs guys in Phetchabun and ride with them few days and come home, but then David U. posted dinner invitation to Mae Chaem few days later and i looked that well, since im near by why not ride to dinner with ALL the lad's, and since im there why not drop by in CNX as well,, and one's im in there, why not check the road what Ben found and so i did and then since i did that why not going to Nan,,,as i was in Nan why not going to Loei,, and ones i was in Loei why not drop by and see my Finnish friend in Udon thani,,, and ones i was there why not check how is the mekhong water level and road 212 condition as i have driven that 6yrs ago last time,,,and then back home,,, something like Forest Gump,, and so i rode all that and total was 4126Km(from bikes dash board) from GPS it was 4023Km as pictures are showing in the end.

    Starting KM's on my bike and doing snail speed as i like it ,,lol
    weather was nice(for now)

    In the news one saw all time time abt floods here in ubon area,, well praocing Sisaket there was a little not that much but enough to flood the fields

    Ones i got closer to KK,, it did not look good
    my first rain today and ofcourse ones i got wets on, rain stop,, hell no im gonna stop as i was only 30Km out from KK and for my next fuel stop.

    All the road cnstrucktions and rain makes my boots look muddy
    Road from Lomsak to Phetchabun as abt 20Km road constructions ongoing and looks like it will take time before they can finish that

    I safely arrived to Buraba hotel 1 day ahead of other lads,,

    it was easy evening for me and few brews.
    Was planing to go out and have steak but cross the road where was steak house, was ofcourse closed,,so i went to tesco and got my dinner from there and early bed for me.

    Oct 19 Boys arriving,, got message from Tony that they should be in hotel abt 10ish
    So i was rady like little boy scoult and waited and waited,, 10 came and go,, no boys,,, 1030,,no boys
    11am and HEY i hear some loud sounds and yes there is the guys

    1st came Reinhard with his 750 Virago

    Tony was next

    then came Green monster with Dave

    and thats it....i was thinking that Tony say that there will be 4 guys,,,,

    but hey,,, one was bit late, Allan came with the pick up,,,and sligtly after others,,,with obvieus reasson,,
    had small minor miss hab,, but main thing is as always he is ok and bike is not,, material damages can be fixed easilly,, bones need some time to heal as we so many knows

    Then coffee and small re-cap and sit down

    We hit the road and Allan took the room and relax.

    We had very nice weather and nice loop we did

    Dave is speeding

    Then there is always MANDATORY pause pictures

    Weather was absolutely nice

    I think it was RD 2331 and this location almost got me,, [email protected]#**K that was closed (again),but kept rummer on the road this time..

    Then we caught some nice low clowds or high mountains,, Dave is going in first

    We all made in 1 piece to the coffee joint
    took some awsome photos and talked abt that mud place and then it all hit me,,,,
    this was the same road where a year earlier i went off to the banana trees
    this is how it looked just year earlier
    and now all beautiful roads

    It was all clowds but then suddenly it was all gone

    Noooo,, dont ask me how this happen as i have NO clue what so ever,,but cool picture IMHO

    On the way back to hotel catcha some shower,,

    so it was good time for late lunch,,around 3pm

    Time to time in this trip road has given up but nicely thai road workers have managed to mark them and in many cases there is also advance info just before

    In the evening it was what the GTRiders and SSR and now Tiger guys do best,, EAT and Drink

    and then there was time to put 3 big farangs in to 1 man 3weeler,,,and race to hotel.

    i will keep these post day by day so it down load faster as there is not so many pictures to down load

    this was Day 1 and 2
  2. Hi Forrest, I mean Marco, thanks for the cheery report and pictures of your trip. Looking forward to the next days as they come.
  3. Hi John

    yes it was really like Gump,,,all parts just fall in they correct place and i had fun even in last day when i was planned to stay over night in Nakhon Phanom,,but just before arrive there i desided to look GPS what time i wud be home if ride directo to there and it say 4pm and i just twist the right hand and off i was,, home by 3.30pm....658km,,
  4. Bring it on Marco.. :clap:
  5. Hi Marco nice trip report !! Well the foto from lastn years mishap just sho how good the Bemmers brakes are, bike 400+ kgs, rider 120+ kgs that's more than a half ton to bring to a stop on a sttep slope and on grass.... :mrgreen: :clap: , keep them nice fotos coming.......cheers, franz
  6. Hi Franz

    Talking bat brakes,, i got my current bards completely done on this trip,, when i left Loei i got ABS allert meaning that pads are almost gone,, and as not having replacement pads with me i drom all the way to home,,,around 800km with out ABS,,,,bit dodgy,,but ok,,,then around Mukdahan,, abt 150km away from home, ABS start to ticking what could feel to handlebars all the time, meaning that bads where done totally and loose so ABS system keeps on taping them constantly,,

    but now ordered NEW pads from Craig and and change all damaged parts on bike and then paint job so she will be like new for the time of KK bike week..
  7. Good on you mate, by the way did you order 2 sets :angel: :? ????. At least your new GT-Rider sticker makes the bus look like new :crazy: :thumbup: .........
    BTW Khon Kaen, this time dump the bus in the Hotel will ya pleeeease......... :smile1: , rgds, FR
  8. Good on you mate, by the way did you order 2 sets :angel: :? ????. At least your new GT-Rider sticker makes the bus look like new :crazy: :thumbup: .........
    BTW Khon Kaen, this time dump the bus in the Hotel will ya pleeeease......... :smile1: , rgds, FR
    I order 1 full set as that last for me atleast for a 1yr and bike will be in hotel when party starts for sure,,,,,
  9. Marco, hope you got a new camera already? The old one was no good - it makes me look as if i am fat :smile1: maybe the lens was all crap :wtf:
    Great riding , food and beers...hope we can do that soon again.

  10. Mbox

    Noo,, it dont make look any one fat,, it's just honest little cam,,,55555,,, we all are big fellas and that how god made us,, im sure you dont wanna be little "tooth pick" like guy when riding in the wonted hard wind just blow you away,,,hahahahaha,, be happy and for sure we will ride again and stay in quiet restaurants where converstaion can be heard and understood,,,(you know what i mean.... :take-that:

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