Need a Cheap 'Big' bike

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  1. Hi Guys

    I need a really cheap, cheap big bike to get around on. It must be road worthy, reasonable condition and not a dream or wave or the like.

    I'm only looking to spend in the region of 20/30,000 Baht. I know it's not much but maybe you have an old but serviceable sit up and beg that will do the trick as long as its reliable etc. I will consider most things eg: Street, Motard, Enduro. I'm not interested in racing machines or chopper type stuff. Good example would be Honda CB type bikes or anyhting motard or enduro as long as road legal.

    What have you guys got that may be cluttering your garages that may be of use to me?
  2. i have a mint xjr1300 for sale if you are interested !

  3. Hi Rob.

    Can you send me pictures and details please.

    Email: [email protected]


  4. xjr 1300 for sale

    bike is registered in si saket

    have book

    can transfer to falang name
  5. Hi Rob

    I thought it was too good to be true!

    The price has one to many zero's for me. Unless you are feeling very charitable and want to see a fellow biker with a big grin on his face! ha ha ha

    I really am looking at a cheap, cheap, run around but thank you for the reply


  6. good luck , i really doubt you will find anything legal under 100 k baht.
  7. Thanks Rob, I share your doubt but I am an eternal optimist. Good luck with selling your bike.
  8. Hi Guys.

    I have managed to raid the piggy bank and now can raise my funds to maximum 50,000. Come on guys, I'm sure you can come up with some thing suitable for me. rack those brains please...he he he
  9. You could probably get a used Honda CBR150, a used Honda Phantom, or a used Kawasaki Boss. Not exactly big bikes but they aren't like Waves and Dreams either.:D
  10. Enough for a used pcx but good luck with your hunting
  11. 50K ...cheer used CBR150I too ..

    old and cheap bigbike maybe come with alot problem
  12. Hi

    I'm sure you can find something. A couple of years back I sold a Suzuki Bandit 400 for 50 something thousand, with green book, so definitely not impossible.

    Check out, lot of bikes there.
  13. An older carburretor bike will cost a lot of money for fuel.
    Get something new with fuel injection.
  14. Stoni1,

    KZ25 is selling a low mileage CBR150 and is asking 50,000 baht for it -- why not PM him ?
  15. I have a 2006 BMW I am selling for 25 baht.But I feel it's 115 BHP and speed may take you to an early grave, so I will take it off the market.
  16. Are you saying you have some thing available? If so can you send me details to [email protected]
  17. Thanks for your help Muppett
  18. Oh sorry I mean't Muzz of course...silly me !
  19. Thank guys for all your comments I have now purchased a new Lifan ( I know before you all shout at me) but I needed a bike quickly. I will post a thread under Lifan to keep you all up to date with my experiences.
  20. Congratulations. Let the fun begin, & yes please keep us up to date on how you go with the bike & your adventures. Don't forget some piccies too.

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