Neep help with Garmin GPS maps for Laos and Cambodia?

Discussion in 'GPS Use, Tracks & Maps Discussion' started by EdtheTraveler, Aug 25, 2009.

  1. EdtheTraveler

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    I just purchased a 76CSx seems like Garmin offers a download for Thailand is there anything for Laos and Cambodia? I am leaving for Thailand in 10 days to trek around Laos and Cambodia as well as Northern Thailand for two months and trying to find maps. Can I purchase them in Chiang Mai while I am there or is there another way I don't know of yet?
    TIA, Ed
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  3. mussen

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    There's an IndoChina map at Rotweiler,
  4. alrikki

    alrikki Ol'Timer

  5. MuddyMick

    MuddyMick Ol'Timer

    There is a company here in PP called ARUNA, they have very comprehensive maps available. also, CMAG ( Cambodia Mine Action Group)
  6. bard

    bard Ol'Timer

    Those Cambo maps sounds very interesting Mick, how much do they cost?
  7. Auke

    Auke Ol'Timer

    The Aruna map is not cheap (updated a few months ago and is called City Navigator Cambodia V3) and much depends on if you a) live in Cambodia and bought the GPS from Aruna, b) live in Cambodia and imported the GPS or c) live outside in Cambodia and have a GPS. In case a and c, the map will probably cost about 120 USD while in case b the price will be closer to 200 USD.

    The CMAG map sounds very interesting and I would love to have a copy even if I would have to pay for it.

    A friend of me is working on an update for the map which can be downloaded for free from MapCenter 2. It will include the Cardamom GPS info from "Alrikki" as well as various updates for cities and does have also the tracks from "Harry the Fin" from his Extreme Cambodia Rally early this year (East Cambodia). However, as ususal, he is busy earning a living so it may take some time. Will let you know when it will be uploaded to MapCenter 2.
  8. bard

    bard Ol'Timer

    That's awesome info Auke.

    Yes the CMAG would be brilliant hope Mick can get hold of it for me don't care if it cost money it should be very good, after my tour in Cambo I will happily share the GPS data I record, I'll hand over to Dave U, but of course I will give to whoever want it. Who is the one who updates the MapCenter2? Is it Harry the Fin?

    Would be great with the updated MapCenter2 before I leave...

    Cheers Bard
  9. Auke

    Auke Ol'Timer

    Hi Bard,

    The guy who is making the Cambodia map is a good friend of me. I am to busy with the GPS maps for North Thailand and Laos for David U so my friend offered to do the Cambodia map.

    We get tracks from many people riding in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia but for both of us finding the time to put the tracks and waypoints in the map is the most difficult part.

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