New 2015 Versys rubber mounts

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  1. I read that the new 2015 Versys 650 has a rubber front engine mount and rubber mounted bars to reduce vibration so off to Kawi I scurry to see if this can be retrofitted to my 2010 model.

    No such luck for a simple motor mount bolt on, as there are tabs welded to the frame to carry the front mounts. I may be able to do this without removing the engine but it would look like a bodge trying to match the micron thin factory paint. Maybe I will give it a go but not in such a rush now that is is not a simple Re&Re

    The bars use a different top yoke and while easy enough to Re&Re, Kawi did not know anything about the spare parts as of yet. A bonous it that it will get rid of the so.................. ugly Gen ll risers. Not sure if this mod alone would be worth it for any possible vibration reduction at the bars?
  2. Just Trade Up Robert and get all of the Above plus a Brand New Bike!
  3. Part of the fun for me is doing the mods, however with all the new bikes now available I am thinking of a new bike

    Anyone want a very modded Versys
  4. Trade the Versys now and update. So many good bikes appearing now. The Triumph XCX is what i have ordered but the word is that Honda may release a new Africa Twin.
    If it is not a V-Twin I'm! not interested.
    My 3 month old beemer was nice until I saw a Triumph XCX 800 to replace or surpass the old Africa Twin.
  5. A new 90 Hp Thruxton would be nice

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