New Bajaj/KTM Bikes coming to Thailand?

Discussion in 'KTM Motorcycles Thailand' started by mbox999, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. mbox999

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    Hi , I found this article of interest.

    KTM, Baja join forces


    KTM is set to combine its European engineering know-how with Bajaj’s Asian low cost efficiency to create new entry-level 125cc and 350cc models. The new models will be used to increase KTM’s market share in developing nations in Asia, South America, and possibly, Africa.

    Bajaj, an Indian manufacturer who builds low-cost scooters and tuk-tuks, currently holds a 32% stake in the Austrian company and have expressed an interest in taking a majority stake.

    News of the new models come from KTM’s financial report which reads: “In addition to the already entered KTM markets, new market opportunities in emerging markets come along with the serial production of entry-level street motorcycles (125cc to 350cc), which will be launched in late fall 2010 in cooperation with Bajaj Auto Ltd.

    “The first step will be Brazil, where the market offensive is already in the preparation stage.”

    KTM has not yet revealed any details on the new bikes’ technical specification or styling, but it is expected they will be based on the KTM 125 Stunt concept (pictured) shown at the EICMA show last year. The bikes are expected to be lightweight creations powered by four-stroke engines set for a launch at this year’s EICMA show in November.


    maybe we get a wider selection of Bikes in the future,maybe a combination from KTM's design + quality and Bajaj's pricing :)

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    here a picture of the KTM 125 stunt concept....looks great!!


    the image resizer still not in action in this is a link to the image ... ace-cw.jpg
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  3. SilverhawkUSA

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    If it happens, I would be more inclined to bet on "maybe a combination from BAJAJ's QUALITY and KTM's PRICING". :(
  4. mbox999

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    Unfortunately this is also a possibility ...but i hope you are wrong and the Bikes that come out from Bajaj/KTM will be nice for a fair price....but maybe we're asking too much??

  5. KZ

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    The main question is: will they be assembled in TH? If not, you may be able to be the proud owner of a "KTM" 125 for only 150,ooo baht!
    But it's good news, I'm always interested in new bikes from 125 to 400 cc for the Thai market. Had my share of BIG bikes in the US where you won't see me dead on a 250... But for TH this size is perfect! You can do a lot with 200 or 250cc, even on this site some people state that they ride Harleys in the US but are happy with a Phantom 200 here. I had a ZX9R in one of my earlier incarnations but a CBR150R does just fine over here!

    Also good news is that these bikes hopefully will have "european quality" and are not some cheap chinese products.

    The stunt concept looks great but I'm afraid it's Tracker 125 size, those rims are probably 14". But give me the same with a 250 single and 17ers and we're in business!
    One thing is for sure, the KTM single would blow away the anemic Tracker single - 18hp, what a joke!
  6. mbox999

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    We can only speculate on all this and as they mentioned also a 350cc, this is the displacement i find in particular interesting, in some more blown up than ktm 125 stunt project Bike.
    I would guess those bikes are built in India maybe they assemble them in Thailand later ? It remains to be seen what they do with it...sure hope there is proper QC so we can have some nice new Bikes here :)

  7. KZ

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  8. mbox999

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    interesting link... i believe the link i posted suggested that a Bajaj/Ktm Project( as Team?) will bring a Bike for lower cost (and may not even have a KTM Logo) to Brasil, Asia and maybe Africa ...we need some affordable Bikes too here , the imported KTM's are beautiful but empty some well filled wallets too.

  9. Wald0

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    They will manufacture those KTMs in China.. maybe they import those down to Thailand
  10. lordofthedreadz

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    If its the same price band as the 200cc they released I'll pass.

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