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  1. I was in Bangkok yesterday to look what the different shops have for sale. I also visited the new Kawasaki Show Room at 190 Rama Road very close to RAC. I went there to check up if their Internet Info was correct and it was. The new VN900 VULCAN CUSTOM is freely for sale in Thailand at 460.000 BAHT.

    The bike looks nice and is probably very good. The bike is made in Japan and the price is reasonable for Thailand. I mean that if people pay more than 200.000 Baht for 10 year old 400 Customs which have been put into pieces in Japan and assembled again in Thailand. Then it has been used, serviced, repaired etc here in Thailand for allmost 10 years and very often the bike has a history as a rental bike. If I needed a Custom Bike I would go for a factory new Kawasaki 900 if I can afford the extra money.

    Ok , now I do not need any Custom Bike myself but I think it is a breakthrough that a Japanese factory offers big bike freely on the Thai market. It means that all the talks about agrements between the Japaneese Factories and the Thai Goverment not to sell over 200cc on the Thai Market are not true or the agreement is deteroriating.

    Kawasaki is already manufacturing for export at their Rayon Factory, as far as I know, KSR, KLX110 (also as Suzuki with yellow colour)KLX300, KLR 650 since 2000, EX 250, EX6R and probably many other models.

    In the shop they also had on display EX6R and a ZX600R for which they gave prices but told that they can not sell them, Both samples were Japanese made. They also asked us to send letters to them that we want to buy these models and others so that they can show the Japanese at the head office. The reason that they only sell the 900 Vulcan is policy from the head office and the other models are on dispaly to see if there is any interest. SO EVERYBODY MUST GO TO SEE THEM AT KAWASAKI SHOW ROOM AND SHOW YOUR INTEREST.

    Hopefully Kawasaki will make a breakthrough and the other factories will follow. Think about how nice it would be to go to a Honda shop with all models for prompt delivery. No hassle with ordering bikes, prepayments which disappear and a green book for sure.
  2. Hiko,

    Thanks for the report, yes you are right it will be wonderfull to be able to purchase more simply bikes in Thailand.

    I take the opportunity of this post to ask you if you have seen there some off-road bikes ?

    Kawasaki is good at that maybe better than for this pale immitation of americam bikes...

    At present, I am looking for an off-road bike, I have maybe a possibility with one of our friend but I continue to search to make more easily my choice.

    Thanks by advance for your feedback.
  3. Hiko

    It seems Yamaha are thinking the opposite way to Kawasaki, below is article I posted after going to the Bangkok Motor Show, and speaking to one of their reps. Seems they are leaving out their cruiser range and bringing over sports bike.

    Yamaha will be opening their own dealership in Bangkok in June, and will have 6 models on display to begin with. These are YZF-R1, YZF-R6,FJR 1300, FZ1, FZ6, and Majesty 400 scooter. The lady there said bikes will be sold inclusive of rego, and she will let me know as to the opening date of the shop. If all goes well, they hope to open elsewhere, nothing definite there, but she did mention Phuket, Chiang Mai, and Kong Kean.
  4. So, big players like Yamaha or Kawasaki, with factory plants in Thailand, are now beginning to sell big bikes(over 200cc) in Thailand... They might not be very happy with people importing second hand bikes as parts from Japan. Therefore avoiding part of the import taxes.
    Should be interesting to scrutinize how they try to lobby local Authorities...
  5. Did this lady from Yamaha mention anything about special order bikes?
  6. This is good news Kawasaki have some fantastic bikes in the current range the Z1000 and 750 naked are superb and the 650 ER twin is awesome.

  7. Ray, I didn't as about special order bikes, thought better to wait to see if the bikes promised materialise first..
  8. Hi Friends,

    Anynews about off-road bikes, all these bikes are nice but I think a display of off-road bike range would be interesting as well.

    I see much more the use of it in Thailand and Esat Asia than elsewhere and we are very lucky it's still allowed to practice there (compare the some hyper restricted area like Europe).

    Woul you think we could have any weight in influencing the stream of import of big Japanese Company ?

    YAMAHA and KAWASAKI are very famous for their off-road products.

    On an other hand and more generally this phenomena of bigb brands opening shops and show rooms gives us a sign on the development (and existance) of the bike market in Thailand.....Hummmmm, interesting....

    Should the good days of some unserious shops where you had to run after your Green Book for month will end as well ???
  9. The reason I asked I have now seen a new 1100 drag star brought in on a special order. Mai Mee Baht but nice to dream to know it can happen
  10. No just taking a break and getting things in order.
  11. Sorry Laurent for not replying before.

    No They did not tell anything about enduros or off road bikes. Anyhow I know that at least the KLX300 and KLR650 (for along time already) are made in Rayong.

    We visited the same day most of the big shops in Bangkok and NO ENDUROS!!! On the other hand any time Red Baron or some of the other shops have a quite new Africa Twin it is sold very quickly. I don"t know why they believe that falangs only want 250 XR:s

    Everybody is very happy to order bikes (with a prepayment) but that is an other game....

    Hopefully Kawasaki will make a breakthrough with their 900 and Yamaha will finalize their plans of bringing big bikes, (and Honda and Suzuki will follow) so the Thai market will be "cleaned up" for a while.And maybe they start to listen what bikes the customers want!!


    PS Thank you Bush pilot for the picture. I was to lazy to put it myself.
  12. Thanks Hiko,

    These KLX 300 & KLR650 are around what I look for, if I can get it brand new cash and go with paper in order.

    The system of pre-order is completly obsolete, I hope it will stop soon to avoi any problem for the unlucky ones.

    When I join the forum, it was full of posts relating sade stories about it....
  13. Oh sorry.

    I forgot to tell you that the KLX 300 is already for sale in Thailand since last year but no plates. The bike does not have any kind of Homologation from any country and Thailand Homologation is even more tight than the European. That is why Triumph and Ducati brings in California models...
  14. I believe that the main reason for the Japanese not to bring their entire line of bikes to TH is that there aren't enough buyers. They'd have to stock parts, train the dealers to service the bikes aso - it's simply not worth going through all the trouble if they're selling a few hundred bikes of each model a year. That's why some big bikes are available, but there's no support from the makers when it comes to registration or parts/repairs. Just selling the 175/200cc cruisers was already a big step forward in the right direction, but Yamaha and Suzuki didn't jump on the bandwagon yet - probably not enough sales.
  15. Winston why didn't you read this topic before....
  16. HI
    One day when I was bored I went to Our local Kawasaki and everything else dealer in Pattaya Mityon. The head office is beautiful with high speed internet and a good bar with beer in the corner of Third road and Pattaya Thai.

    I want to buy a new Kawasaki 900...The first three salesman and ladies disappeared quickly after the normal sales talk of Yamaha Neo and Honda Airblade

    After demanding more heavy "power" into the ring the bosses from upstairs started to come down. When they were told that Kawasaki Bangkok sells such a bike it took several hours and telephone calls to get a final answer We cannot sell... Anyhow now it maybe change. See my Motobike Shops in Pattaya Thread later this week.

  17. Hi Hiko
    I visit Pattaya every few months from Cambodia and have never seen much in the way of spares (tyre,chains etc) for my DRZ400 or offroad motorcycle accessories in general,(little bit of gear at Siam...)
    Obviously Bangkok has plenty but I like to avoid the big city when possible.
    By the sound of it, it seems you know of a few places around Pattaya that stock useful motorbike stuff so will look forward to your thread
    I'm in the market for a decent helmet(HJC,Arai,Shoei) but reckon I will have to go to Bangkok for that?

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