New Bike Registration And Licence Plates

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  1. I just bought a new Honda CRF250L in Bangkok. Sorting the registration/insurance paperwork will take a few weeks. In the meantime, they told me that I could ride it and show the proof of purchase if asked. I asked if they have the temporary red licence plates, but they said they don't and I don't need them.

    Anybody knows how it should work?

  2. Should be no problem.. Just keep your paperwork on you.
    Bangkok doesn't issue red plates for Bikes..

    Went through the same as you for a couple of new bikes.
    Never had an issue..

    Your insurance company should be able to scan and email you a copy of the policy.
    If you would like to have it on you.
    That is separate to the insurance with your registration. Which is minimal.

    I just took 3rd party bail and bond for the cheaper bikes.
    2nd party for my old ford ranger pickup.


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